Can Tivo services be made to run with no user logged in?

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    I have a Premier XL, on PC Win 7 Pro x64. I have the latest Tivo Desktop and pyTiVo installed and running. I have successfully setup my PC with Wake on Lan enabled so that my pc can respond and come out of sleep when I try to access music, photos and videos from the TiVo menus. (although there is a delay where Tivo can't find the stuff on the pc for a period of time.)

    The one aspect I'd like some clarification on is if I can change how the Tivo services are started. What I find is that the processes are started when a user has logged on. Ideally, I'd like the server to be started whenever the computer is booted even if a user isn't logged on.

    I have my pc setup with two users, an administrator and standard user. I normally use the standard user for most tasks. What I find that the TivoServer, TivoNotify and TivoTransfer processes are started as user processes under the user I installed the software. So that user must be logged in for Tivo to access the shared media.

    Does anyone know how to configure Desktop or other process on the PC so that the Tivo server processes are started even if a user isn't logged in? Or maybe I'm missing something?


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