Can I use a Multiswitch like this? (DirecTV)

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    So I split DirecTV with my neighbors. I have one HD DVR and they have one SD DVR. They just bought a new LCD TV and they want to upgrade to HD DVR on it of course. However, they also want to keep the SD DVR hooked up to the old TV in another room.

    Now, they live upstairs from me and it's a big PITA to run more cable up to their apartment. Can I get a Zinwell multiswitch and ONLY hook up the two cables that currently run up to their apartment into it to allow for two separate DVR boxes in their place OR do I HAVE to hook ALL FOUR cables that currently run from the dish into the multiswitch for it to work? I think I do but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

    Basically, we will have two cables coming straight from the dish into my HD DVR downstairs, and two cables going upstairs, into a multiswitch and then splitting into two DVRs up there. Will this work?

    I appreciate any help.

    Edit: Also are these multiswitches powered? Are they safe for outdoor use?
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    I don't think this is allowed. Seems to me like DirectTv would call this theft of service.
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    Perhaps it's like any other apartment situation.
    One dish on the roof, many subscribers below, each paying their own bill for their own receivers?

    But, in answering the OP's question, you have to have all 4 lines from the dish into the multiswitch, then as many receivers/tuners that the switch has outputs for.

    Some switches are powered by an external power source, others are "passive", only powered by the receivers they are hooked to.
    Yes, safe for outside use, but I'd put it out of the direct elements.


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