Can I still use a series 2 for this?

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    I currently have 2 lifetime roamios. They aren’t my main source of tv watching these days. Instead, they use cable cards and I occasionally just use them to manually record 6hr blocks of xfinity local access channels. I transfer the recordings to a networked PC using pyTivo. I then have the .mp4 recordings to do with what I need (long story). All has been working great like this for yrs.

    I see that cable card support is probably coming to an end here so looking at some other options to accomplish the same thing when my cable cards become defunct. I realize I could probably get an X1 DVR and then dump the 6hr local access channel recordings via an external device, but I had another idea for a possible solution.

    I thought about using a free xfinity flex tv device and hook it’s output up to a series 2 TiVo. Then have it manually record for 6 hrs on a certain channel (can then use pyTivo again).

    From what I remember, series 2 was the last line that allowed an external source input, right? I actually had one about 10yrs ago, but sold it. Now, I realize tivo no longer supports series 2 in ANY way. If I can find one, could I then just use it to manually record an external channel from the flex tv box (for about 6hrs). No subscription needed? I could then use pyTivo again.

    is this cheap scenario possible?
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    Unless your Series 2 has lifetime it wont work. It also requires a network adapter as they discontinued dial in service a while ago. If you meet both of those requirements then you should be able to connect it to a cable box IF you can get one with analog output. Most these days only support HDMI.

    If you want HD there are devices for your PC that can capture on a schedule like this. Hauppauge makes a few in their HD PVR lineup.
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    Oct 19, 2012
    Oh shoot, I forgot about no network port on series 2. Good point. I wasn’t sure about the lifetime sub though. I thought I remember reading that you could do manual recordings with no sub at all, but maybe not.

    I am not in need of HD either. Actually, been recording the local access channels in SD only so they are smaller files for transferring over internet. i am also seeing that the flex tv device has hdmi ports only so guess I would need a down covert (hdmi to RCA) adapter of some kind in order to use it with a series 2.

    I May need to go another route here.
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    S2 Dual Tuner models have network jacks built-in.
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