can i disable a tuner?

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    I have a TiVo BOLT VOX 500GB (upgraded to 2TB) i bought 9/2018.

    I thought i was having a network / cable issue playing video in my bedroom TiVo Mini VOX.
    It was intermittent so I swapped out the network cable and thought it went away.

    I just watched a show on directly from my Bolt VOX 2T and it was the same issues i have had on the mini.

    I now think the problem is one of the tuners is defective and when it records on that tuner I have quality problems. Looks like weak video signal, sound drops. sometimes worse than others and maybe it even works fine some times...
    Is there a way to keep a single tuner active at all times so it won't be used to record shows or simply disable a tuner?

    I don't know where my OEM 500 gig drive is and I think my 2 T is at about 30% and don't want to loose my programs
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    I'm going to assume you know how to see what each tuner is doing.

    While you can't "reserve" a tuner, you can mostly isolate it. When a TiVo wants to record a channel, and that channel is on a tuner, it will use that tuner. When a Mini needs a tuner however, it will use the least used tuner. That's a conflict. When you put the TiVo into Standby for a few seconds, all inactive tuners have their "usage" counters reset to zero. That counter is "Time Since Signal Lock" (in seconds). The host has a tuner also and a Mini can not use that tuner unless it's the only free tuner and then you get an error/information error. Without a reset or restart or Channel Signal Diagnostics, you can't set all tuners to the same channel. If the host is using tuner zero on channel A, then the Mini that wants to watch channel A, there will be two tuners on channel A. If you release the tuner from the Mini, it doesn't affect the tuner except to free it for other use.

    I know I didn't answer your question or solve your problem, but may the above information will convince you to find an answer to your problem. I have four upgraded TiVo boxes. I have all of the old drives. One is used with a USB cradle for backup purposes. You don't need the OEM drive. Any 500GB drive will work if you decide to have TiVo fix the box.

    You can set all four tuners to the same channel (restart) and then compared the numbers. All four should be identical. I think a Bold does not count RS Corrected errors, like a Roamio. I don't have a Bolt.

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