Can a Lifetime TIVO Subscription be Added After the 1st Year?

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    I just got off the phone with TiVo, I was offered a 500g Bolt for $700 ($800 for the 1TB) that includes LTS or All In. Also a Roamio Pro for $600 that also includes Lifetime service. I'm getting this for my brother in law he's finally sick of Verizon DVR's.
    He's opted to go for the Roamio Pro. He's going to pick up 3 mini's someplace to go with a whole home option.
    The rep also hinted of a Bolt Pro sometime soon but gave no time frame.
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    Nov 25, 2003
    It's all covered here, in TiVo's "TiVo Service Plans and Policies: Essentials" web document.

    Specifically, focus on the "Which TiVo service plan applies to my TiVo device?" section, noting the available "Optional Plans" for the TiVo device in question, but especially the asterisked footnote:
    *-Optional plans listed are available within 30 days of initial activation, or after 1 year of included TiVo Service.
    How one would manage the "after 1 year of included TiVo service" and "automatic annual plan rollover" time window is the only mystery. I suspect you'd just need to contact TiVo as your 1st year of service is coming to a close and purchase All-In.

    Given that there's no discount on All-In if you opt for it within the first 30 days, I don't see any value in buying All-In until that first year of service nears its conclusion.
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    i stopped selling o eBay because of the fees i remember selling stuff for $1 and making money on it, now is impossible
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    I rarely sell anything. It's too much work and by the time you pay all the fees the profit is minimal. I usually try to give my old stuff away to family. that way it's not wasted but I don't have to deal with the hassle of selling it.
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    That because E-Bay started to charging you their fee on shipping cost, people that use to charge $1 for something and $15 for shipping, the E-Bay fee was only on the $1, now it on the $16. I mostly sell TiVos with a fixed price and free shipping and count on a 13% fee for both E-Bay and PayPal + $20 for shipping, sometimes my shipping is less and a few times its more. So a Roamio that sells for $675 net me ($675x.87)-$20=$567 net, and I sold it before TiVo raised the Lifetime to $600.

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