Can a directv successfully call on a sprint "phone"

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    I currently have a tmobile pseudo-phone line, but that will be going in a few weeks when all the phones go over to sprint.

    Sprint has a pseudo-land line as well, which requires you to acknowledge doesn't work.

    Does anyone know if this line can handle the outgoing calls? One tivo is from about 03 (Hughes DR20, I think), while the other is a house-branded unit from2006 (the cheap one at the time).

    For that matter, are phone lines necessary for the newer units? I assume I'll get around to hd next year, which will mean either the alleged new device, or switching away from directv (they don't seem to quite understand that I don't have a tivo for thier service, but rather their service to feed my tivo . . .)

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    Non-Tivo DirecTV DVRs do not require a phone connection. Tivo-based DVRs still require one when performing their initial Guided Setup (such as after a "Reset & Clear Everything").

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