Californication Season 5 premiere

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  1. unixadm

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    Jan 1, 2001
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    My wife loves the show. She always asks me when the new season is going to start, makes sure I have a season pass and it's one of our must see shows as soon as it records.

    I was expecting a crappy season, but was actually surprised to have enjoyed the season premier. Yeah, lots of predictable stuff, but some of the scenes had us really laughing...especially Hank and Runkle walking on on Marcy and boyfriend, and Marcy yelling at the maid because she let the kid walk in and play in the same room...just so funny.

    I can't imagine this going much further than this season though...I think there is only so much they can do with the characters and it will eventually get redundant....Hank tries to get Karen back, she pushes him away, he sleeps with a dozen other women, Karen eventually takes him back, they have some fun times, then he screws up again and she has worked so far, but it won't keep people watching for another 4 seasons.
  2. Tivortex

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    Feb 29, 2004
    I could have certainly done with less man butt.

    Much less.
  3. kar74

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    I love the show, too. It really helps that David Duchovny is sexy as hell.

    I was definitely surprised at the huge leap ahead. We were left with Marcy being pregnant and suddenly there's a 3 y/o on the show?!? :p
  4. KevinG

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    Yeah, my wife noted that they missed an incredible opportunity by not having a "Marcy in Labor" scene. It almost writes itself.
  5. Howie

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    I like the t&a. I think the story line is getting kind of weak, though. I want him to be with his baby mama.

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