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  1. DEC2955

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    May 3, 2009
    IS the issue with TIVO's and cables cards really as hit and miss with the hardware as it seems to read here??
    Is it a software issue at the service provider's end?
    Service provider is :COX Wichita, KS:


    I received a Roamio Basic (refurbished+lifetime) last week, went and picked up needed install kit from local cable provider (cablecard+tuner adapter).

    But only two tuners are authorized and I do not get any channels above the basic (local) package [error V58].

    All four tuners work off air recording.. but set the box up to receive cable and set to record one of the local channels(0), change to another channel(1) and set it to record. then try to change channels to a third I get an on screen error saying not authorized.

    I have two other TIVO's which are working just fine! (P4HD + RB).. I know that I can not just pull the card+turner from one of these to test on my newer unit.

    But is there any chance that it is a hardware issue with the TIVO?

    The tuning adapter is brand new and still has the stretch scratch protective plastic on it.

    Should I just pay for a service call and have a tech come out with a handfull of cablecards and play swap out till it works?? Or it there something that I can tell a CSR to do to get things working?


    Update: All four tuners have started working with cable.. but still can not tune into non-basic channels.
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  2. dianebrat

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    Jul 6, 2002
    In 99 of 100 cases (if not higher) it is ineptitude on the cable company side
  3. fcfc2

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    Feb 19, 2015
    While it is possible you have a defective Tivo, as already pointed out, the over whelming odds are that the new cable card is not properly authorized or paired with your account.
    You didn't mention which brand of cable card you have, but it should be a multi-stream type If you have Motorola cards go into the Tivo settings and look at the cable card and dig into the menu and look at "conditional access" on the 4th line down should end with "VAL:V 0x0x" with the last x being a number. The "V" after "VAL:" is the indication that the card is properly paired. Incorrectly paired cards will usually show "? 0x0x".
    Most of the "techs" you will speak to are severely limited in their training for cable cards. Try calling again and again if you are unsuccessful with your call. Be prepared to provide the cc serial number, CableCard ID, Host ID, & Data.
    If you get someone who doesn't sound like a complete idiot, ask them to do a "manual validation:" for the card. Good luck
    PS. The TA's have their own issues, but usually not to do with the # of tuners available.
  4. Chuck_IV

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    Jan 1, 2002
    It is most likely the way they set up the cablecard. However, the Tuning Adapter may also be required to get some of those channels. That should be another fun trip through Support, once you get your cablecard straightened out.

    I had little issue getting the cable card set up. My issues were with getting the TA properly paired with the cablecard. Took me about 7 calls over 2 days and 2 different TA's to finally get it paired because the CS reps weren't sending the proper authorization hit to the TA.
  5. tomhorsley

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    Jul 22, 2010
    And don't forget the firmware version in the cablecard. Even if the card is setup properly, having old firmware (which the cable company should, but sometimes doesn't update) can screw things up (usually channels randomly won't tune).
  6. jonw747

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    Aug 2, 2015
    Have you called TiVo? They hopefully know which model #'s and versions are compatible with their equipment and should be able to direct you with how to contact and what to say to best get a problem with your provider addressed.

    When I got my FIOS cablecard the first thing I did was check the S/N on it to make sure it was one of the versions that didn't have known issues.
  7. DEC2955

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    May 3, 2009
    Yes I called TIVO and they were blind..
    Is there a list somewhere of cablecards that don't work with a TIVO?

    Since this is a 'Refeb+Life' sale machine could the digital tuner not work correctly?? .. If that was the case why am I getting a (V58) message?

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  8. RayChuang88

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    Sep 5, 2002
    Pairing a CableCARD with your TiVo Roamio series DVR is not a simple matter, because you have to provide a VERY specific code generated when the CableCARD is plugged into the Roamio to the cable company so they can send a special activation code to properly "pair" the card with the Roamio.
  9. DEC2955

    DEC2955 Member

    May 3, 2009
    Per COX (eight difft agents now) and on screen verify that the card and tuner box is paired.
    I have two other TIVO boxes that are working correctly (for the most part).
    My cable line strength has been tested and is above spec. after the splitter.
    It seems from the last tech that I spoke to since I am receiving analog signals correctly he feels that I must have a bad cablecard as the tuner has already been replaced with no effect on the (V58) error on the digital channels, and it is flashing 'red' when I change channels so it must be doing its job.. its just that in a few weeks the analog signal will be turned off and my local COX systems will be all digital.

    Here are the steps I have gone through so far.. For a Referb+Life ...
    TIVO #1 DOA on Arrival! A week later TIVO #2 arrives set it up for off air to check it out.. all works fine ..a few days later go to local COX store front and pick up a cablecard and tuner, come home and hook it up.. at first only analog channels would work and ONE analog tuner, when I would try to record two analog shows would get a "Not authorized" on second tuner.. 24 hours later the 2->4 tuners started working but still only the analog channels.. COX Tech came out all hardware check out to be in or above spec, tried to change out the tuner box as he did not have a replacement cablecard with him and found billing/back office set-up errors with my account which should be fixed in 24 hours.. tick tock 24 hours later.. error (V58) still on screen of the newest TIVO.. Did a Wipe/Reset and guided set-up and still error (V58)....

    I have two choices left:
    (1) Try a difft cablecard, which will be my next step.
    :thumbsdown:(2) Pull my Roamio Basic which is set up for broadcast only and try the cablecard tuner in it and see if they work there. If so then I will know that the second TIVO that I received is also BAD and get a RMA for it to be replaced.

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