Cablecard Only Works On Some Channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Haselmaier, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Has anyone seen scenarios where the Cablecard works on some channels and not others? I'm not talking premium vs. non-premium channels. For example, I get 2-23, but 24-30 don't work, 31 does, 32 and above don't. Comcast says it's a defective card. So even though I'm renting it - it's $50 to send a tech. So it's back to the service center I go to exchange it.

    It's interesting to compare the two companies. Comcast tells me initially I just need to trade in my cable box for a cablecard. After waiting in line 20 min the person there has the audacity to tell me "You're in luck! We have a cablecard in stock!". That wouldn't have gone over well - following their procedures and not having it in stock. But now I have to go back and try again.

    On the other hand I used Tivo online chat to try and decommission my Series 2 and activate the Premiere. They tell me I have to call a CSR. When I do the agent STARTS the call with "Hello Mr. Haselmaier. I see you contacted us earlier and you want to decommission and activate a new box. I'll take care of that right away." Boom. Boom. Boom. Done. When I called I didn't even have to tell them what I wanted - they knew.

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