CableCard coming to an end FCC 20-124

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    Another option, maybe:

    Spectrum offers to Internet Customers only Spectrum TV Essentials for $14.99/month which includes BBC America in it's 60 channel lineup.

    The 60 channel lineup is the same as Philo TV, with the only difference I know of being The Weather Channel which Spectrum Essentials has, and Philo TV does not.

    And that $14.99/month has no tax or fees added to it since the channels are STREAMED ONLY for Spectrum ISP customers only(using a ROKU or APPLE TV). No locals, or other expensive channels too boot. So that $14.99 is the only addition to your bill.

    This is over a year old, but I am pretty sure it is still accurate:

    Spectrum's streaming service: TV Essentials package and channels | Tom's Guide

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