Cable Signal Strength "Too High"

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by eric_mcgovern, May 19, 2020.

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    I recently acquired an Edge, previously having an X1 on Comcast. When the X1 was installed some of the channels had a "breakup" issue, where the picture was nearly unwatchable. The installer said the X1 box is very finicky when it comes to signal and needs a very strong signal. He went through my house, removed splitters, ran new lines, etc. which in the end fixed the problem.

    I have had many CableCard TiVo's over the years (at the same location) and the signal strength has always been around 90% - 98% with the SNR being in the mid-high 30's. I have never had an issue with breakups, etc. With the Edge I am seeing 100% signal strength on all channels and the SNR being 42 - 44.

    Which leads me to my issue - very randomly a channel will breakup. It will last maybe a second or 2 then go back to normal. I was surprised at the signal being so high - so wondering if that could be causing it. I did search around and didn't really see anything definitive - but hopefully this isn't an obvious topic.
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