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    I have had 3 TiVos active in the past. Been a TiVo user for the last 20 some years starting with the Phillps days. Trying to get down to one. We currently have 2 TiVo mini's which has reduced the need for TiVo hosts with a subscription. Also discovered Philo and it is working good for me for on demand shows and unlimited recordings.

    I recently inherited a lifetime TiVo bolt and never hooked it up. I had lots of issues when I bought a bolt a few years ago. Cable card pairing issues. Spent hours on the phone with Spectrum to finally get it to work. Is it possible to just swap out my existing cable card from a retired unit and get it to work with my inherited lifetime TiVo without dealing with Spectrum? There is a WAF here. She is adamant to keep at least one TiVo host in the house.
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    But when you do it anyway, you'll see that it works. Hooray! So you'll post that you did it and it worked and that I'm an idiot for telling you it wouldn't. But in 24 hours, you'll post back that you can't get certain channels. And others will post some nonsense about tuning adapters and USB cables and splitters and Moca filters. Then a day after that you'll post that you tried all of that, but now you don't get any channels. And then I'll post, I told you so.

    Bottom line, as painful as dealing with Spectrum is, it's easier than the scenario above.

    My wife was also adamant about keeping cable and a Tivo ... until I showed her how much money we'd save and where we could go on vacation.
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