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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by vittoria, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Cablevision / Tivo S3 / SA Cable Cards

    I ran into strange problem yesterday that I think has now escalated into 2 problems.

    Yesterday afternoon my Tivo S3 was showing as recording Judge Judy on CBS channel 2 but afterwards I went to Now Playing and the program was missing. When I went to Live TV CBS was a grey screen. I couldn't get channel 2 back so I called Cablevision who "hit" the cable card, but when it still didn't come back I rebooted...still no channel 2. I rebooted another time and still nothing so Cablevision scheduled me with a service call for today. This morning channel 2 was back again, but then I remembered I had accessed a channel I never use, channel 14 which is some MGSVNJ channel...never been to it before. Well, it seems every time I access that channel I can not get back to channel 2 without a grey screen. I can leave 14 and go to any other channel just fine and I can get to channel 2 from any other channel.
    I had thought this was only an issue with Cable Card 1. but the identical thing happens on both cards. The only way to get channel 2 back afterwards is to go to another channel first and then back to 2...sometimes takes a few times.

    In an attempt to troubleshoot I called Tivo and they had me eject the cards, leaving them partially in the slot so they wouldn't get mixed up, and then inserting them again after trying the same two channels with no card installed. Unfortunately channel 14 with the card in is a different channel than it is when the cards are out so we were not sure it proved or disproved anything. I reinserted the cards and rebooted. Same issue as far as the channel 14-2 grey screen thing went, but then I noticed something else...if I just surfed through channels I'll intermittently get a grey screen that will last like 20-30 seconds or so. If I quickly go to the Cable Card Menu screens I'll see a quick "your cable provider has not provided any information about this card"...then that screen goes away and I can enter the CP screen. In the Power Key area, while the channel is grey, the Power Key area at first will say "Waiting for Time" which then changes to "Waiting for EUT". Once this changes yet again and says "Ready" it also means the
    channel is now up and normal. This is intermittent and not only on one channel.

    I'm not sure if the second issue with the "Waiting for EUT" temporary grey screens is as a result of having had the cards removed or not. I hadn't noticed it before but I also generally do not surf by clicking the channels up/down.

    The Cablevision tech sent this afternoon was not very knowledgeable on any cable cards details and had no idea what the "Waiting for EUT" meant. I give him credit, he tried to call various people from Dispatch who also offered no idea what Waiting for EUT meant, but they were all quick to blame Tivo software. He only had one single stream card with him and one Multistream. The Dispatch person was insisting he put in the one multistream card and that's all I needed but I refused...the tech agreed with me and could not convince the Dispatch personnel why I needed two cards. Tomorrow they are coming back again with 2 single stream and 2 multi-stream cards.
    They "supposedly" removed and added the cards back to my account again, without any change.

    Before they get here I'm hoping to get some additional info.

    1. What could cause channel 2 CBS to be continuously grey if access directly from channel 14? (I was thinking of just removing channel 14 from the Tivo channel list, if it was the only issue.)

    2. What does it mean if I get grey channels when I surf for like 20 seconds or so, accompanied by "Waiting for EUT" in the PowerKey area of the Cable Card CP screen? This goes away in about 20-30 seconds and then the channel comes back on its own.

    3. Can this Tivo S3 successfully use 2 multistream cards without issue or is it better to have 2 single stream cards. (It must have 2 cards, one in each slot.)

    Thank you.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    So you can't use just one multistream for both tuners in a series 3? I was wondering about that.
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Just an update...

    Yesterday a different cable tech came out and swapped out the two S-Cards with two other S-Cards but the same issues continued. Could not go from channel 14 to 2 without indefinite grey screen and also getting intermittent grey screens for 20-30 seconds when scrolling up and down the channels.

    This morning the same tech came back with two Multi-Stream cards and this seems to have worked. I'm suspecting firmware to the Cable cards as the issue, as in each instance the cards updated. The M-Cards had a date code of 2010 and the S-Cards had 2007. Can't be sure, but since I found info on the original error message of "Waiting for EUT" *Entitlement Unit Table) in a manual from Scientific Atlanta pertaining to cable boxes and cable cards I think the cards/firmware was to blame.;dl=get36

    Maybe the single cards should no longer be used in Tivo devices.

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