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    I keep searching for links/threads to give me blow-by-blow instructions of how to burn DVDs using Roxio. My computer is so slow and the searches are not turning up, either on the tivo site or the tivocommunity site....I am BEYOND frustrated....when I bought Tivo I thought I could just upload to the Tivo Desktop and burn them using Media Player. I have since bought a DVD burner, Lightscribe DVDs, and Roxio 9, but can't seem to figure out how to actually burn them! It keeps telling me that I don't have a compatible disc (isn't a CD for music, and a DVD for video/tv?) Heck, at this point, I am not even sure I am using the correct disc drive b/c I am so frazzled. I have been attempting to burn 4 shows for my 2 yr old for the past 4 weeks and can't do it....am about to throw the DVD burner, the computer, and the TIvo out the window!!

    Can anyone please give me some instructions of how to burn them? Or maybe cut and paste a link for me from a forum that already has this info? Thanks!

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