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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by therock98, Jun 19, 2007.

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    hey ,guys i was wondering if the community could help me with a few ways to best to burn my downloaded files from the tivo(s) to my computer so they can play on all DVD player not just the computer. i read a thread from "JLB"but i got lost in his translation of instructions (not his fault ). i have ALL the tool needed(videoredo,roxio , dvd shrink,dvstyler,etc ) but i am not able to burn to DVD players just computer. thanks for any help ........
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    therock98. You have a PM.
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    Hey....I'm quoted by the OP. Cool!

    Just for reference, anything I stated was based on the "Dan 203" method from user Dan203. You can search on that and maybe find other threads.

    I'll try again, but don't shoot the messenger if I miss any peculiarities of the process.....

    1) Once the file is on your PC, open the file in VideoRedo

    2) Edit out commericals (you can simplify things for yourself a bit if you don't bother)

    3) Save as a .VOB file (I think that is the extension)

    4) Depending on your version of DVDStyler, you may need to rename the file to a .mpg

    5) Create a menu with your files in DVDStyler. Output as an .iso file

    6) Use your tool of choice to burn the .iso to disc.

    Again, I may have missed a few little things, and your PC may react differently. But this is the general way to do it. You can also send me e-mail/pm if you need any other help......

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