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    I watched the first show of the new season and it looks like it will be my last. The story lines are just getting to be a same version of the year before. Some guy black mails Micheal into doing what he wants. If Michael is so smart how does he let himself fall for this trick all the time. He should just frame the guy with something he did against a drug loard and let the drug lord kill him. I would rather see the gang spend more time helping others as they did in the first few seasons. I enjoyed the McGiever type things that they built.

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    I have 4 episodes of the 1st half of season to still watch. But I agree. This show was one of my favorites, and now, I don't know if or when I will catch up.
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    I assume you mean 13th episode of the current season.
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    Burn Notice is jumping the Shark.

    Same old. Same old.

    Kill it off and give Sam his own show already.

    This premise that he has Fi's confession is nonsense in a day where people skate from (coerced) confessions all the time. All she would have to do at trial is explain how she was talked into believing that she set off the fatal explosion, by a PROFESSIONAL HEAD SHRINK, no less.

    Then of course, she'd have to say she only shot up the place and blew up the one guy.

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