Burn Notice DEPTH PERCEPTION (#BN516) OAD 12/01/11 ***spoilers***

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    We did see Beatriz on "The Fall of Sam Axe" movie, right?

    Man, with this and Boss I've had it with the all knowing invulnerable evil villains.

    Now the evil Anson had Mike's father killed? At first I thought he said he'd been following Michael Westin since before he entered the Army.

    Next on Burn Notice: Anson is one of an alien race from planet Organizon who secretly abducted and impregnated Maddie to force her to deliver their perfect human agent. That will be revealed right before we meet Anson's spaceship commander who is the next "real power behind the burn." This of course, is just as either of them kills off Anson.

    "When you're a spy you sometimes have to learn new technology in no time. I had to get aboard that spaceship..."
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    Yeah, she was the young freedom fighter who took Sam to meet the rebels (the goat farmers). I had to look that one up to be sure since she looked different (which she should, technically, since "Fall" took place what, 5-6 years ago?).

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