Bridge Plus and Mini: Is this combination possible?

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by TheGoldTooth, Jun 26, 2020.

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    I used to have a MoCA network using Actiontec adapters for my Roamio and four Minis. I had one adapter connected to the modem in the basement and one connected to the Roamio on the first floor. I replaced MoCA with Ethernet using old (2009) Netgear powerline adapters I had lying around and it worked well. However, it seems that since I upgraded to New Experience my Minis now suffer from video problems --stuttering, etc. -- indicative of lack of bandwidth, so I'm considering going back to MoCA or using newer (and presumably more capable) powerline adapters.

    I see that the Mini is not listed as supported by the Bridge Plus (which I presume could replace the Actiontec devices), but my question is why this is so. If I had a Bridge Plus in the basement and one connected to the Roamio similar to my previous MoCA setup, why would the Minis not work? How would they know that the MoCA signal was via a Bridge Plus and not an Actiontec? This is especially puzzling as the Bridge Plus specs state that it's backwards-compatible with MoCA 1.1.

    It's possible that I'm suffering from a total misunderstanding of the technology and the situation. Don't feel obliged to be gentle if I am.
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    The Bridge Plus is just a rebranded Actiontec adapter anyway. If I had to punt, I’d say that the Bridge Plus saying it’s “not compatible” is because the Mini has built-in MoCA and doesn’t need an adapter.

    It’ll work fine.

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