Brand new to Tivo Bolt OTA from expired WMC

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Dave with Bolt, Jan 5, 2020.

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    As far as I am aware, it is only Vox OTA models ending in VO (letter O) that cannot be downgraded. There were reports of Vox models ending in V or V1 failing to downgrade, but that has been rectified in v5 - at least mine was.

    I have both an 849000 and an 849300V1 running TE3 after downgrade. The V1 refused until Hydra V5 was released.
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    Thanks so much for your help ! I have model TCD849000VO ,TiVo enticed me into trading my beloved Roamio ota in for a trade up in December 2018 (hindsight is 20/20 ) The Roamio was MUCH better in every way and now I am stuck with this channel guide resetting itself over and over again ! They say it’s the tuner ,I say BS !
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    Hello All who helped me with the new Tivo Bolt in the first few days after purchasing it and the nuances that could be tweaked from the menu. I have come to the conclusion that the Bolt is a device beyond my practical needs of simply recording TV, not needing streamed aps and such diversity in my viewing options, so I have sold my OTA Bolt with lifetime subscription. I instead went with EPG123 with one year guide for $25 and am very happy to report my WMC is resurrected as of Feb. 1 with a fuller guide that goes 14 days. It took about an hour to tweak down to bare bones as I like and works flawlessly the same as the old WMC guide did, but with more complete listings. Downloading the EPG123 at first was looking intimidating and overwhelming, but following instructions, it loaded right up and voila! Just what I wanted (back) and not have hundreds of dollars tied up when the ATSC 3.0 change takes effect and renders all current tech obsolete in some 5 years or so as spoken about. We will all be dropped in the same boat that day and have to plan our video needs from there. Enjoy your Tivos / Bolts, as they are rated and reviewed as best or near best in all I researched as a stand alone DVR on the market today. This is my last post / Thanks for your time and guidance sorting things out, Dave

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