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    Jul 30, 2008
    The WV...


    I've not had a "reason" to call TiVo with problems, my conversations with them have been regarding activations and on every occasion I've dealt with a very pleasant CSR.

    I purchased a Premier back in mid October for $99 with an HDTV purchase from a larger retailer. I activated that machine 10/24 and pricing was not an issue. I reacted to the 6th ave offer on the 13th, paid with Paypal and never "pestered" 6th ave about the pricing or the shipping. Mine was received the 23rd and I called to activate it.

    There were notes in my account from the 10/24 activation and the activation on the 6th ave box was maybe 10 minutes in length. There were "NO questions" regarding it's origin or for that matter it's purchase date.

    I've four life-timed machines presently.

    I'd guess you may have created your own situation with "YOUR CLIMB TO THE TOP"! I've read many of the posts and I'm guessing maybe some of the comments regarding pricing were "BAIT" and it seems you "BIT" on a few!

    I believe I'd consider just "QUIT WHINING" -

    You like many of us got a "terrific" buy on a Premier - enjoy it!

    Notice please, I've not mentioned the pricing of my two recent purchases! It's "my business" and there's certainly no way that I'd like to think that TiVo would "budge" on more favorable pricing for you!

    I would imagine you'd be a good candidate for a "STONING" from maybe several CSR's!

    I'd guess the "tags" on your account would make for interesting reading!
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    I purchased on the 12th and ended up with the $299 LT. on the 16th
    This is my 5th LT rcvr. They would not budge for the $199. Kept asking me what I paid.......Doesn't matter......If I paid $299 for the rcvr, would LT be $99? No!


    Mar 16, 2006
    Glen Allen,...
    No, no I feel the same way. I have been following all the "$99-$95" threads. The $299 PLS use to be for users who had other LT Tivio on their account when they rised the cost to $399. On my account (ALL PSL) the price for new upgrade Tivo is $199 for PLS. So I can see why some are getting differance offers, but some are getting better deals then others which I don't understand (They call back sometimes utill they get the "right operator")

    One guy says he upgrade his PLS Series2 with a Premier for $299 (thats box and PLS)

    Its like "Lets Make a Deal". Buying a PSL is like buying a car. "Nothing is Really Set in Stone"

    I would not pay $299 knowing others are getting it for $199 with the "same facts" but thats me. Good luck I hope the Gods smile at you for $199!!!
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    Sep 19, 2006
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    There are many folks in the SD thread that have claimed such, so I don't think it's unusual to talk your way into $199 PLS if you have upgrade-eligible S3/HDs on your account.
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    Thanks for the laugh! I sure needed one today.

    I know that my prior posts say that I started out with low-level CSRs and escalated to the top. That's what I was asked to say, regarding posting to this forum, and discussing the subject matter of 6th Ave Premiers, and PLS pricing.

    I started at the top. I was already working with the top, regarding other matters, before I saw the 6th Ave Deal, and went for it.

    I did call and question a few CSRs on things while I was waiting for my contact to be in their office, after I had purchased from 6th Ave.

    My top-tier contact then told me NOT TO go through the regular channels, and to let them handle everything.

    I have a very extensive customer file with TiVo. I'm very proud of it, as it actually contains many positive things, including positive notes from those whom I have interacted with.

    I'd love to smear all the details of that in your face, but I'll have to abstain.

    I wouldn't want to violate any of the agreements that I am legally bound by.

    There are people on here, that I know well enough, to know that they wouldn't be on here lying about the price they got on PLS.

    Come Monday, I'll be asking for an adjustment. I'll be backing up my request with what others have posted here. As long as people have been truthful, I should have no problems, as things will be verified.

    All that I have been looking/asking for, has been for people who received $199 PLS, on 6th Ave Premieres, who have not posted that info, to post it. The more posts verifying that it has been made available at that price, the better...

    What's the big deal? My response to somebody who popped in, threw a load of sarcasm in my face, while contributed nothing to the thread?
  6. tcfcameron

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    Aug 4, 2010
    Thanks! That's exactly the kind of information I was hoping to get.
    Do you have a link to the SD thread, that you could PM me? I'm not registered with SD, but I have heard that one of my early posts from here got quoted/cached over there somehow.
  7. tcfcameron

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    Aug 4, 2010
    Oh, yes, they do! I almost blushed with all the positive things that were noted in my customer file.
    You haven't a clue, but you made me laugh. Thanks, I really needed a good laugh today!
  8. tcfcameron

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    Aug 4, 2010
    Yeah, just don't take 'just anybody's' word on what price they claim to have gotten. On the flip-side, I've seen enough posts from people I know well enough to feel they have no reason to pass false information.

    Thanks for the encouragement and support!!! :)
  9. slowbiscuit

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    Sep 19, 2006
    In the ATL

    Although I'm not sure why I'm helping you out, since you swore up and down that we were going to get screwed by Tivo ....

    happy Thanksgiving!
  10. mec1991

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    Nov 5, 2004
    Back home...
    Never been there, but Secaucus NJ must be a beautiful city as my new Premiere has spent the past 4 days there apparently having a wonderful time.

    Any UPS employees here with an idea why a shipment would scan into a location and then just sit there?


    Mar 16, 2006
    Glen Allen,...
    slowbiscuit, this thread made me almost fall out of my wheelchair laughing. Here is one post:

    " Just had a great experience.. The tivo rep Paul I believe gave me the $199 upgrade price. I bought the machine on the 15th from 6ave.

    What I did was first have a chat session and got a guy named John, here's how my conversation went:

    TiVo Customer: i saw in my account i was eligible for an upgrade
    TiVo Customer: the premiere for $199 lifetime
    John: OK
    TiVo Customer: so i went to buy the tivo at my local best buy
    TiVo Customer: and i dont see the option to buy the lifetime for $199
    John: Right. You would have to get the box and then give us a call via 877 367 8486 to be able to get the upgrade offer of 50% off of the new PLS contract on the new box.
    TiVo Customer: i greatly appreciate your help john
    TiVo Customer: will I get an email with our conversation?
    John: Yes you will. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    TiVo Customer: no that is it
    TiVo Customer: can i get a confriamtion
    TiVo Customer: number of our conversation?
    TiVo Customer: or reference number
    John: Thank you for using TiVo Chat and have a great day!

    I called tivo and gave them my reference number. I was very polite and tried making small talk to ease the situation. I told him I had a conversation with John and he told me that I can get the $199 upgrade price if I call. Next thing I know he was reading the TIVO terms and conditions and asking for my credit card number. Before I hung up I confirmed it was $199. I also got an email confirmation with my invoice.

    I say keep trying. It's possible. Be nice. Try doing small talk. I showed a little pitty that they had to work today.. "
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    Aug 22, 2007
    That may be the key. I had pushed several months back to convert 2 of my TivoHDs to lifetime already. I paid more there then I should have, as lifetime was not offered when I first got them. I was only able to get that with a single unit.

    The initial guy I talked to when I called in to activate the unit thought I wanted to buy one. When I clarified that I had already purchased it (with a deal in a TV combo on Amazon), he passed me to someone else (I forget the department/group now) and that individual quickly activated me for the $199 price.

    It is rather stupid to tell us the unit won't work without activation when we are buying a lifetime sub....

    Brad :)
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    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    I also think this has allot to do with it - but like pretty much everyone else I have no idea what the actual facts are.

    All I can say is that TiVo's pricing has been very variable throughout the 5 years I have had TiVos. Deals come and go and yes some people get better deals than others. I would not get hung up on it - if you new what everyone paid for everything you would find that there are many things sold at different prices to different people.

  14. overFEDEXed

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    Nov 11, 2002

    I called Tivo and they did swap my $6.95 plan from my HD to my 6th Ave pre-14th Premiere. All that she asked was 'Did you buy it before the 14th"

    On my other new Premiere (BestBuy post 14th purchase) they offered me $299 Lifetime, $99 annual or $9.95 Monthly. I did ask for the $199 Lifetime after this offer but she said NO.

    I called a Tivo Executive rep who had helped me get the $150 lifetime on my other two Tivo HD's. I did leave him a message. He did pretty good calling me back before so....maybe $199. We will see.

    Also I tried an online chat later. That rep said that I couldn't get Lifetime on this store-bought Premiere at ANY price. That was weird. Oh well.
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    Let us know if you do end up getting the $199 price.
    The Cs I spoke with said the $199 price was only for units bought through Tivo. Due to other silly statements he made, I do not trust his facts.
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    Dec 9, 2007
    Can someone confirm this? I'm totally confused. I don't mind being locked into this even for 2 years, but can I switch to $14 plan after that? What if I cancel my service, or sell Tivo to someone? Would it automatically go to $19.95 only plan once reactivated?
  17. smbaker

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    May 24, 2003
    I don't think anyone knows for sure, and anyone who says they does is likely just speculating. Nobody knows for sure what prices will be in effect January 1st.

    So, I'll go ahead and speculate too:

    1) It's in Tivo's best interest to keep charging $20, so they'll continue to do so.

    2) You have the power to cut the cord and cancel the service after 1 year. So, call em up after 1 year, threaten to cancel, and they'll give you the cheaper rate (assuming there is a cheaper rate).

    The above is purely rank speculation. (nevertheless, someone will cut and paste it into page 11 of this thread as if it was a fact)
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    May 2, 2002
    Fell off a box line and hasn't been found yet. Or it was smashed in the process.
  19. mec1991

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    Nov 5, 2004
    Back home...
    You're quite the cheerful one! :)

    Actually, it was delivered late yesterday, double boxed and in perfect working condition. I set it up, did the update and got the guide data before going to bed. Just got off the phone with CSR "Joe" who set me up with just what I asked for; the entire call lasted less than 5 minutes. :up: :)
  20. noeltykay

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    My Tivo Premiere finally arrived from 6Ave last night. Called into Tivo to activate it this morning and did not have an issue getting Lifetime Service. Easy peasy.

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