Both slide remotes just lit up spontaneously!

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    Very strange. It was early morning and I was on the couch cruising the 'net on my laptop. The TV was off and both our slide remotes were about two feet from me on the couch. After closing a web page, I just happened to glance over in the direction of the slide remotes and discovered the blue backlight was illuminated on both of them! As I watched, the backlight remained illuminated for a couple more seconds and then both backights faded out at exactly the same time, indicating that whatever triggered the backlight triggered both remotes simultaneously.

    Does anyone have any ideas what might explain this? Does the Tivo talk to the remotes for any purpose other than triggering the "find me" tones?


    EDIT #1:

    When I finally turned the TV on (maybe 30 minutes later), I discovered that the Tivo was set to the lowest active channel. In our case, that is channel 21, the community channel. There is no reason for it to be set to this channel..... it is set as active but we don't watch it and there are never any recordings scheduled for it. Tivo suggestions are disabled. Curious whether the Tivo rebooted, I checked the diagnostic page and sure enough..... all four tuners were set to channel 21 and all four showed they had been there for about 30 minutes. So it looks like the Tivo rebooted or did something that changed all tuners to channel 21 and pinged the remotes. ??

    EDIT #2:

    And to answer my own question..... as an experiment, I rebooted the Bolt with the remotes in an adjacent dark room. Early in the boot sequence, the Bolt does RF poll the remotes and cause them to light up. So mystery solved.... for whatever reason my Bolt rebooted this morning and I happened to be looking at the remotes (in the dark) at just the right time to see them light up.
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