Boston Legal 3/7

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  1. cancermatt

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    May 20, 2002
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    What's the deal? Everyone waiting for me to start up the discussion thread 3 days after the fact? :rolleyes:

    This was a good episode, although at first glance, when Denny was in bed watching TV and thrust the remote control into his boxers, I had thought it was initially a gun... becoming a loaded gun once in his pants :)

    I liked denny shooing away previous lawyer (what's his character's name is? I remember seeing him briefly on BL and on x-files but can never remember his actual name, either).

    Loved Denny being Denny, getting what he wants.

    I was sure paul’s daughter would spot the undercover lawyer at Paul's office forcing Paul to fess up, so I was glad that didn't happen. But I do forsee the two possibly dating in future episodes... and her finding out the truth about him. He never gets enough scenes to chew through :)
  2. itstrue

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    Dec 20, 2004
    I see Ryan Michelle Bathe and Justin Mentell have been quietly removed from the credits, as they were quietly removed from the storylines many weeks ago. OK by me.
  3. jwjody

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    Dec 7, 2002
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    I thought there would be potential love interests with Keen Eddie and the daughter. But her drug habit would really get in the way. Especially if Odo asks for custody which I expect to see happen in a future episode.

  4. Cue-Ball

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    Oct 8, 2002
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    I thought "Denny Crane" written on the notepad was just hilarious. He doesn't even have to say it for it to be funny. :D

    I'm an "American Homeowner".
  5. iceturkee

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    May 26, 2005


    you might be thinking of currie graham, who played the assistant district attorney. was on nypd blue last season. and has popped up on house a few episodes this season.
  6. busyba

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    Feb 5, 2003
    A) Brad Chase is an idiot.

    2) The ADA wheeled out the electrified junkie (who totally deserved what he got, BTW [I'm an American Homeowner too]) in front of the press and referred to him as "my client". In a criminal case, the ADA does not represent the victim, he represents "The People"... duh.
  7. spartanstew

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    Feb 23, 2002
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    Won't happen

    That's the first thing my wife said too. Client? I thought he was a prosecutor?
  8. Dssturbo1

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Denny Crane leading the wedge as Head Gooser......

    I to am an American Homeowner.

    Wonder how much Alan ponied up for the nude photos.
  9. jwjody

    jwjody Not enough room

    Dec 7, 2002
    Center of...
    Is there anywhere I can get a screen cap of that?


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