Boss S01E03 "Swallow" OAD 11/04/2011 ***spoilers***

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    Nothing like a clandestine meet on the Michigan Avenue bridge over the river in the daytime where in the real world there are 100 pedestrians a minute walking by. Not so much on that side because there are no crosswalks (which is prolly why they filmed there) but you'd still be seen.

    I said the doctor should have refused to see Kane again. Then he goes and asks for more drug advice. If it was me I'd violate the Hippocratic Oath and tell him to take something toxic and lots of it. It's not like she'd ever have to answer for it.

    "It will not happen again. You have my word." I guess she needed Ezra Stone's word.

    It looked like a real Chicago basement.

    Nice necked bods throughout. Even one for the ladies. I think we could have gotten the gist on the Kitty backdoor action without seeing her bum, but no complaints.

    Now I know why Kathleen Robertson as Kitty wears those glasses - she must have that style in colors to match her outfit. She's either cross-eyed or has a glass eye. I was seeing it before in HD, but somebody should to get a screen cap of her in the bar after she takes off the glasses. It was pretty obvious there.

    Oh. Kitty is very busy. Kitty is all Business. Kitty has standards. Kitty is not going to waste time with niceties. Kitty will find out right away if you measure up. That must be what Kitty sees in Zajac.

    I was surprised that Kitty is ending it with Zajac. I was looking for them to get caught in the act right before the election, and it not making a difference because he's straight.

    Now Mayor Kane is going to have to deal with Fitch and his all-knowing machine. :rolleyes:

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