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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Chasersasha123!p1, Jun 28, 2018.

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    So I have a spectrum sales rep scheduled next week to take a look at my network. My main TIVO Bolt is connected over Ethernet and not MoCa and the second new Bolt is connected over WIFi only. Are they supposed to be able to see each other and stream? Currently they are able to but I don’t have MoCa set up. I would love if this is possible and just a feature that I didn’t know about because I would rather not set up MoCa given my lack of knowledge and fear of others having access to my network.
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    They are able to see each other because they are on the single network (yours). It doesn't matter if its Wifi, ethernet, MoCa. Streaming isn't possible due to the bandwidth needed (pauses while it transfers some more). You can still transfer (copy) shows over, even though its WiFi, its just a little slower. You just cannot transfer copy-protected content, as some cableCo may enable.
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    Jun 28, 2018

    Thank you for the reply that’s why I was asking. Maybe it’s just my luck tonight but I streamed two shows from my living room to the bedroom tonight without any buffering issues at all. Has anyone else been able to do this?
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    Not so much luck as your wireless base station apparently provides sufficient bandwidth to support wireless streaming. If you were using an old Wireless-G router, you likely wouldn't have been so "lucky."

    Plenty of people are able to use wireless connections for streaming (not just transferring) between TiVos, but it's not officially supported by TiVo; TiVo only officially supports wired Ethernet or MoCA connections for streaming. That said, the TiVo boxes don't perform any sort of prerequisite check or test to enable streaming; they'll just try and either succeed or fail, so as long as your setup provides sufficient bandwidth and responsiveness, the TiVo boxes will be none the wiser.

    Transfers ==> MRV, or Multi-Room Viewing (link)
    Streaming ==> MRS, or Multi-Room Sreaming (link)

    With just the two boxes, wireless may suffice; however, wired is still recommended, and MoCA is nothing to fear. A MoCA network, should you choose to set one up, can be easily secured using a "PoE" MoCA filter. (more info here)
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    The Bolt platform has better Ethernet than the Roamio. Even so, two units will transfer or stream in most cases. The problems happen when a Mini is used. I don't know the exact reason, but it is just a fact. Also, you only have one unit with wireless, which is better that having both on wireless.
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    Having no problems streaming between a Bolt and a Premiere over my WiFi network. Working, including Skip, with no issues.
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    how does moca work - Google Search
    Amazing what you can learn by using google.
    Securing MoCA for most folks simply means installing a MoCA POE(Point of Entry) filter on the input of the first splitter to enter your home and this can be made even more secure by enabling encryption on the MoCA devices if they all support it.
    The most common method used to hack a home network is via wireless by about a factor of a million to one.
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    Assuming the Bolts are connected on the same coax cable plant in your home, MoCA would be extremely easy to set up and use. The Bolt connected via ethernet would be configured to create the MoCA network; the second bolt would be configured as a MoCA client. The configuration changes are very easy to make on the Bolt network menus. For less than $25, to replace the splitter that connects the coax leads to the Bolts with a MoCA rated splitter, and add a PoE filter at the input of that splitter (or worst case, at the location where your cable service first enters your house), and you're done. It's quite possible that the installed splitter will handle MoCA frequencies, and a POE filter may already be installed, so that minimal investment may not be needed.

    A MoCA network will take advantage of the existing coaxial cable plan, rather than running new wires. Unlike WiFi, the data speeds are reliable and consistent over distances up to 300' from each other- WiFi speed rates between devices can change based on distance, obstacles, other outside networks, etc. The Bolts support the MoCA 2.0 standard, which will allow for throughput rates ~ 400 Mbps. Even the very best WiFi connection, with the Bolts located 20' from the wireless router with a unobstructed line of sight, will not yield more that 500 Mbps (2x2 Wireless AC has a maximum link rate of 867 Mbps, and will lose about 43% of that throughput speed to typical network overhead)- and in your real world environment is likely to be much lower.
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    That sentence should start with the word "If" or "isn't" should be replaced with "may not be"
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