Bolt+ with momentary red light when powered up, failure to boot: the "cool" solution

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    I had mentioned this issue in another post but wanted to create a dedicated thread in case anyone has a similar situation in the future.

    I have a TiVo Bolt+ 3TB drive, cable, just over two years old. No issues until a power outage 6 months ago. Bolt was hooked up to a UPS but the battery eventually ran out. Afterwards, the TiVo would not boot. The red light in front would momentary blink and then go off, no green light. Internal fan was running.

    Tried the plug/unplug routine over and over, tried alternate power supply, no go. Figuring nothing to lose, as a last resort I put the Bolt in the freezer for 10-15 minutes or so. Plugged the Bolt back in and viola, red light blinks and green light comes on, unit boots up. Ran perfectly for 6 months, then another power outage, no boot, back in the freezer, unit booted right up. A month later the battery in my UPS went bad, and of course when that happens the UPS cuts power and turns off! Replaced UPS battery, TiVo back in the freezer, TiVo powers up perfectly.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm pretty certain the "Freezer" "solution" is not a recommended "fix" from the factory. Do so at your own risk!

    So in the past month I have been weighing options to replace the bad unit. Figure it must have a motherboard problem or something. Decided not to go with the Edge, too expensive for nothing really worth upgrading for. I have also always wanted to have a spare TiVo on hand for an emergency backup unit.

    So I called TiVo to see what options I had. The common $49 rexchange deal was offered. They wanted a $500 deposit (!!) to hold onto my current unit to return after the replacement was received. I then asked what they could/would do to get a brand new unit instead of a refurb. Long story short, they offered me a new 1TB Bolt+ for $10.00/month x 24 months, or $240 total.

    I went for the $240 deal for the new 1TB Bolt+. The 1TB drive is more than adequate for my needs. And I also went for the $49 exchange deal on my defective Bolt+, and will receive a refurb 3TB which I will just store away for emergency use. When I return the defective unit I was going to put a sticker on the top of the unit: "This product has been previously frozen", lol.

    I received the brand new 1TB unit today and installed it. Everything went smooth, unit was pre-activated, and I paired the Comcast cable card online. In order to remove the cable card from my old TiVo I needed to power it down. But also needed to power it up afterwards to transfer my season passes and shows. As before, red light, no boot, so back in the freezer it went, and it instantly booted up as it had many times prior.

    Transferring my shows went perfectly smooth, I only had about 6% usage on the 3TB drive so it didn't take long at all. Transferred the season passes online, couldn't have been easier (I had a KMTT backup just in case).

    I would like to add that I was extremely impressed as to how nice it was dealing with the TiVo sales/support agents in working out the details on the replacement unit as well as the brand new unit. They were extremely knowledgeable, patient and very helpful throughout the entire process. The new unit was shipped the next day after ordering. A+++++.
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