Bolt Vox + iOS Streaming = Fail

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    Yeah it’s a cross-post, so sue me.

    As some of you may recall, I haven't been able to set up streaming from my new Bolt Vox for 2-1/2 weeks now, using my iPhone. Per somebody's suggestion, I purchased an inexpensive Amazon Fire tablet, downloaded the TiVo Android app and - VOILA! - streaming set up worked perfectly. I checked and was able to watch several shows through streaming, and was able to download shows as well.

    So happy! Nightmare over.

    Um, not quite.

    I pulled out the iPhone XS Max, downloaded and signed into the TiVo app and went to stream a show. Nope. Made me "set up" streaming again from the iPhone and, as has been the case for 2-1/2 weeks STREAMING SETUP COULD NOT BE COMPLETED. Same damn thing with my iPad Pro.

    What the flying **** is the problem with this thing? How can it work perfectly on the Fire tablet yet give me nothing but headaches on the iPhone and iPad?! So aggravating. :mad:

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