Bolt Vox and Series2 interactions

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by EllenK, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Aug 10, 2018
    I recently bought a Bolt Vox and I am investigating how I can get it to network with my old Series2. Tivo no longer supports many aspects of the Series2, such as the mobile app. I would like to use it like a Tivo mini over my Fios connection, or if not that, physically link the two devices together so I can use the upgraded hard drive that I installed in the Series2. Does anyone have this working?
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    It is not possible.
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    TL;DR version: It isn't worth the effort. Get a Mini.

    TiVo's support page for Multi-Room Viewing (MRV) indicates that the Series 2 model is supported, so the questions are whether the Series 2 unit has an active service plan (Lifetime or subscription); whether and how the Series 2 can be networked; and whether the 2 boxes are on the same TiVo account.

    See: How to Use Multi-Room Viewing

    p.s. BIG CAVEAT from the How-to page:

    Series2 TiVo DVRs can transfer Standard Definition (SD) recordings to and from any other TiVo DVR with Multi-Room Viewing. They cannot transfer High Definition (HD) recordings.​

    And though it's not mentioned, I expect that the Series 2 box would also be stymied by any SD channels that have been encoded using anything other than MPEG2.
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    The only thing that seems possible now would be to downgrade the Bolt to the Encore User Interface and then you could transfer your recordings to the Bolt. You can't transfer a HD recording to your Series2.

    I just upgraded my Bolt from 500GB to 2TB for $90 with a new HD. The S2 units are not compatible with your Bolt any other way. Get a mini and larger internal HD for the best experience.
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