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    Oct 28, 2005
    Issue: Remote Streaming failures (BCOD) Blue Circle of Death

    This is not a real scientific test, but wanted to share what I found in my testing.

    Network Infrastructure: Cable modem\Asus Router\2x 16-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switches/2x8 port PoE Injector Power Over Ethernet. Running a Plex/Blue Iris server. 14 IP cameras.

    First test: With my ReCast DVR. DVR was connected directly to my Asus router. Bypassing all switches. Testing in my home with my wifi disabled using cell service. No problems. Tested remotely today with zero bumps for over 2 hours watching live TV.

    Second Test: With my Bolt Connected directly to my Asus router. Restarted my Bolt. Disabled wifi and testing using cell service. My Bolt ran great for 22 minutes and then started the circle of death. I rebooted my modem and router and tested again. Ran fine for the 30 minutes that I had it running.

    In my case, it seems bypassing my unmanaged switches helped. Bottom line, try getting your Bolt as close to your router as you can.

    On the other side… my Recast DVR has a much better picture and is my primary remote device now. But for now, my BOLT is working remotely. Knock on wood……

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