Bolt OTA with Pixelation on One Channel

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    I have a Bolt OTA which works well except for one problem. Channel 11 (11.1 virtual and 11 real) in the Los Angeles area is occasionally pixelated. I am 9.7 miles from the antenna and am using an RCA yogi antenna which gets relatively good marks.

    On the Diagnostics screen I see Signal Strength as 67 with a SNR of 27. The RS uncorrected varies, but rises quickly as I watch. By way of contrast, channel 13.1 (real12) has a SS of 72 with an SNR of 29 and RS 0.

    Both channels are at 18 degrees magnetic. The station power according to TV Fool is 115 KW for channel 11.1 and 120 KW for channel 13.1.

    A Winegard 777 medium power amp does not change the Tivo Diagnostic numbers.

    A free standing signal strength meter (relative strengths) gives a reading of 68 for 11.1 and 65 for channel 13.1.

    On my LG TV, the Signal Strength/Signal Quality numbers are 77/100 for channel 11.1 and 97/100 for channel 13.1. The strength numbers bounce around for both channels.

    While basically line of sight, there is a tree partially obstructing the view.

    I would like to eliminate the pixelation; any suggestions or explanations are greatly appreciated!

    Stay Safe.

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