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    My bedroom system consists of a Tivo Bolt modified to add an external 8TB HDD located in a cabinet in our bathroom, a Yamaha RX-V383 receiver (connected to two front and one middle speakers that are mounted to the wall located to the sides and below the TV that is hanging on a fixed wall mount) and a Vizio M70-D3 TV. I have two 25' HDMI cables that are 4K capable (I use only one of them at a time) that run from the cabinet in the MBR bath through the wall to the back of the Vizio. The Yamaha is connected to the Bolt using an optical cable.

    This system has been working fine and I get great 4K quality.

    My wife does not like the look of the speakers in the wall, so I decided to try out a sound bar and if it worked I would remove the speakers and have the sheetrock repaired. I bought a Toshiba sound bar from Amazon so I could return it if there were any problems. The sound bar is ARC capable so I decide to connect it to the Vizio's number one HDMI input, but since the TV is mounted to the wall I had to manipulate the other HDMI inputs (numbers three and four) so I had to squeeze my hand behind the TV to do this and in doing so removed and reconnected the HDMI cables several times. Once everything was working we decided that the sound bar did not sound nearly as good as the the Yamaha/speaker combo, so I disconnected the sound bar and set up the original connections.

    Now I get no video on the number four input and intermittent video on the number three input. So I figured that I may have damaged the HDMI connectors somehow. I took another known good HDMI cable and connected it externally directly from the Bolt to the Vizio number four input and still got no video only audio. Next I removed the Bolt from that cabinet and took it to my office where I have connections and hooked it up (with a non-4K capable HDMI cable) and it works fine so I figured that there's no problem with the Bolt (probably??).

    Next I connected one of my Mini's to the number four input HDMI cable in the Bath and it works fine on HDMI number three Vizio input and I get stable video from there. The mini shows its initial boot up screen on HDMI number four input but then no video.

    Any suggestions on what to try now (I prefer to have the Bolt in the bedroom)?????

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