Bolt - is the MoCA adapter "always on"?

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    Hi all, I'll try to keep this question simple...

    I have put in place an external MoCA adapter to get ethernet signal to my roamio. That is set up.

    My Bolt is located near an Ethernet switch and coax drop so it is fed Ethernet directly from the switch and cable data from the coax. In network settings it has Ethernet "on" and MoCA "off".

    My question... with the Bolt configured as it is, is its built-in MoCA adapter active (to feed the coax into the roamio). Or do I need to change it's network setting to MoCA "on"?

    (I am asking this because I'm upgrading the MoCA from 1.1 and have a 2nd MoCA 1.1 adapter in my network that I would like to remove (not replace) if the Bolt's MoCA 2.0 adapter is "always on").

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    No. If you want to use MoCA on that Bolt, you need to configure the network settings to be a MoCA Bridge. Once that is done, MoCA on the Bolt will be always on.

    You do need to make sure you only have ONE Bridge active, so if you want to use a separate stand-alone MoCA Bridge for some reason, you need to remove the Ethernet cable from the Bolt and configure it as a MoCA Client.

    Just to clarify the settings in the Bolt network screen, if Ethernet is connected, and BOTH Ethernet and MoCA are set to ON, (status is shown as "Ethernet+MoCA"), then the Bolt is configured as a MoCA Bridge. If you disconnect the Ethernet cable, the box will try to reconfigure itself as a MoCA client if it can find an active MoCA network on the coax. Finally, if you have the Bolt configured with ONLY MoCA "on", (as a client), and you then connect an Ethernet cable, it will immediately switch to use Ethernet instead of MoCA, even if there is still an active MoCA network available on the coax. But if you DO already have an active MoCA network (meaning another MoCA Bridge active), then you need to make sure MoCA is turned OFF on a box where you want to use Ethernet instead of MoCA, otherwise you will probably end up with multiple active MoCA Bridges.
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