Bolt 'heatsink' nylon retainer?

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    Has anyone actually removed the Bolt 'heatsink' from the motherboard? I'm not wanting to but if I knew what size the nylon retainers were that attached it to the board it would help likely with determining what I might like to do for a fan. The retainers seem to be on 70mm centers. If it just involved snipping the tops of the pins I might consider it.

    I'm considering leaving the Bolt motherboard attached to it's base and mount it less covers in the HDR212 cabinet but it's still undecided. The HDR212 cabinet needs modified for a C15 receptacle, an RJ45 vs a tele-modem connection and of course there's no HDMI slot. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate back-plate available to modify.
    Power supply and ATX module should ship 3/8.

    Heatsink Retainers.png
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    there is a "non working-parts only" bolt for sale on ebay buy it now $30
    Might be worth it to use as prototype to play with and who knows might be just dead drive too.

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