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    I have a TiVo Bolt that is unable to connect to the TiVo service when connected to my LAN via MoCA or Ethernet. When it fails, I get a C15 error after the "download account status" phase of the connection appears to time out (~5 minutes.) WiFi works, no problem.

    Now, I've purchased a Mini which requires the Bolt be connected to the network via either Ethernet or MoCA. The Mini is connected to my LAN via MoCA (I have a third-party MoCA bridge set up) and has no problems connecting to anything (the Bolt, TiVo Service, Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.)

    The Bolt is connected directly to my router (Amped Wireless TAP R-3.) Taking advice from other posts in this forum, I have set up unique static IP addresses for all TiVo MAC addresses on my LAN. In all three network connection modes, the Bolt's diagnostics/tests come back successfully. Network status pages all show the same network information, except for the IP address. Additionally, third-party services such as Netflix and Amazon Video work without a problem in all three modes.

    Rebooting the Bolt changes nothing about the above scenario.

    Help me, TiVo community, you're my only hope!
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    Connect to your ethernet, then check on the Network status.
    What is the router's IP address? If its from the normal or, then you would need to go into the options for wired or MoCA (may need to go through the connection setup to get to options) and set for Global and DNS servers to your router's IP address. But I think this is not the case as the apps could connect.

    TiVo Customer Support says to restart the Tivo.

    If they are set, another thing to try, Tivo requires some ports opened in TCP/UDP which are currently blocked in the firewall.

    TiVo Customer Support
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