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    I had a TiVo Roamio for several years until a few weeks ago when the HDMI port stopped working. I contacted TiVo support and they sent me a BOLT 500gb. Everything (Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Go, etc.) worked fine on my network with the Roamio, but now it doesn't. Specifically, on Netflix, I can watch about a minute of an episode before it has to load more content. Then it goes up to 25%, sits there for a bit then gives me an error message. I have tried several things (rebooting, forcing a connection with TiVo service, logging out of Netflix and logging back in) to no avail. So far, TiVo support doesn't have much to say. PLEASE HELP! I loved my Roamio, and I'm severely disappointed that the BOLT is doing this .

    Side note: I have a Samsung TV, it is not 4k
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    This behavior isn’t tipical in a Bolt. I find my Bolt much faster than my Roamio. Check to see if it’s running hot and place an external fan near it as many Bolt users have done and see if that makes a difference. Bolts are notorious for ventilation problems.

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