Bolt 3TB - Four Flashing Lights

Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by opus123, Dec 5, 2020.

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    So my 3TB Bolt VOX (T3) has the 4 flashing lights of death. First problem with this unit, which is luckily still under the extended warranty. Called Tivo and despite a very poor connection seemed to have resolved for them to send a replacement in the form of a 2TB Edge (Bolt replacement no longer supported).

    They waived Credit charge/deposit hold due to my extended warranty, and the next day I received an RMA email for my Bolt... with contradictory instruction. In one part it says to send back Bolt in box provided, and another part that my replacement will follow 7-10 business days after Tivo receives the defective unit. ??!?

    There's no tracking number on the RMA email, so after 2 more days I called and they basically said they'd send email escalation to track down status of my replacement. I should hear back in 2-3 business days... yeesh. Maybe waiving the security deposit put me on a slow boat approach?

    Does anyone know how long it typically takes for TiVo to ship our replacements? Anyone in this boat receive tracking info for the replacement?

    Bummed about losing a drive full of recordings and T3 (ironic as i left drive full), so uncertainty only makes it worse... esp if it turns out the order isn't moving forward.


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