Blocking innappropriate materail on Picasa and Photobucket showcases on tivo

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by bebrophy, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Jun 28, 2010


    Picassa and Photobucket give access to lot's of adult material through Tivo and Tivo has given users no way to block this to the many concerned parents (and wives) out there.

    I am no IT expert and this may not be perfect, but I have found a way to block Picassa and photobucket from myTIvo without having to block it on my computer.

    It all happens in your wireless router. I have a linksys wrt150n. So I will write from how you do it with that one, but others should have similar features (all older linksys have this same system). If you have a different router I suggest going to the companies website and getting the manual or looking for how you do this in the FAQ's.

    1. Ping your router. This means open up windows explorer on your PC and type in the IP address for your router. It is often

    2. Log in. If you have a linksys and have not changed it leave the user name blank and type "admin" in the password field

    3. click on "access restrictions"

    4. Create a new policy. (policies govern devices access to the internet through the router).
    click "enable" on the policy.

    5. go down to "access restrictions" click "deny" then below that in schedule click "everyday" and then decide what hours no one would access the tivo and pick the opposite hours. In my house, no one would use it from 1am-6am, so I set it to deny access from 6am to 1am. (note, if you do not leavea few hours for it to connect it will not update your programing contect in the guide and your tivo will become useless).

    6. This is the tricky part. go up to "applied pcs" and click "edit list" then in the second group of fields you have to enter your tivo's IP address. Mine was You can check this by typing it in your webbrowser and if it is right it will bring you to a tivo place page saying "congrats you hooked your tivo up to your home network". The router also has a log feature under
    administration that will show you what ip addresses are accessing the network. If you look at that you can then check in your network map on each pc what it's IP address is and do process of elimination. Dont block the whole range of IP addresses or none of your computers will be able to get online except during the middle of the night. If you need computer filtering I suggest safe eyes ( it is great.

    I set this up today and it should work just fine unless somehow the IP addresses change, which they shouldn't.
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    Feb 8, 2011
    You might consider opening a free account w/OpenDNS which permits you to set filters and block on your network. Not perfect, but an added layer of defense.

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