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    Live in the Portland, ME area. On Spectrum we got notice a short while ago that we were now getting ESPN Sports Extra. Lived in CT most of my life so I like to watch UCONN women's BB. On the ESPN Sports Extra site it shows today's game and you can see a blackout map and Maine is listed as a area that can get the game - no blackout.
    When I tune to the game station it displays blacked out in your area. So ESPN website wrong or is Spectrum blocking this.
    To add to my confusion - when I watch on a laptop via ESPN3 stuff I can get the game and it has local Portland area ads. Must be a very complex path to block but then have local ads.
    The whole blackout thing is crazy - I can stream but can't watch on a TV station - I know this is how it is but crazy.
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    I would say you need to ask Spectrum.

    It's possible a regional sports channel owns the local rights, probably all of New England.

    Can you get woman's basketball from other teams outside NE?

    Edit: Today's game was on CBS sports network on TV. May be why espn had to black it out on TV.
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    Polk Co,...
    For what its worth, I have Spectrum and was able to watch the UCONN women's basketball game at 2 pm on ESPN College extra today and live in Florida.

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