Black screen No picture on restart!

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    I have an OTA I bought on 2/27/17 that is starting to give me problems. All worked well up until a couple weeks ago when I started dickering with the antenna to get a better signal. Using a Channel Master preamp and amplifier, I got an 86 peak after moving the antenna around the room, using the Tivo signal meter but I lost the local national feed and the others were about 50%. After about an hour of dikering with the antenna and the various signal amplifiers, I hung the antenna back where it was before, and ordered an indoor antenna. Three days later I start to watch Tivo, but the screen is black the the dreaded Weak or No signal....I change source to check the TV and it does not have a signal either, just the channel info box. I unplugged, waited 10 minutes and plugged it back in. No signal on the screen, just the center light and yellow flickering. I ran the HDMI directly to the TV with a digital audio connection, rebooted, no sound during reboot (tapping foot, music etc), and black screen. When I hooked my new antenna up, I got the same results. black picture and no channels 'thru' the OTA box.
    I cannot get a screen to pull up to even try a master reset. Ive swapped out HDMI cables, inputs, and also ran them directly to the TV. No change. Could the HDMI output be fubar? What is Tivo warranty?
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    Did TV give out?

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