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    Sep 30, 2002
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    I got addicted to Lost through their season 1 DVD's. Lost Season 2 is in progress. I've been hitting up torrents to catch up to live Lost episodes. Once I found videora converter through posts here, I was in business. I can download DivX, or XviD and convert to mpg and stream to my TiVo. This feature helps keep me a loyal TiVo customer and is helping me get current on many shows I feel like I missed out on (Gray's Anatomy, etc).

    I started using which is nice, and far better than free-for-all trackers, but I wanted to give a try. They are invite only right now. Does anyone have an account there with any invites?

    If you do, please respond or PM me. I can show you my profiles on other private trackers (one site with 2.85TB Up and a ratio over 70) to show you that I'm no leecher...

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