Big Love 8/26/2007 (S02E12) "Oh, Pioneers"

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    I grew up in Utah, and "Weber" is, indeed, pronounced "Wee-bur" there. There's a high school, a university and an entire county by that name and they're all pronounced that way.

    I always thought it was strange when I heard people pronounce it as "Webber", since the lack of a second b should clearly make the first "e" long.
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    The big difference is that Bill appears to the outside world to be a successful businessman with one wife. Albie lives on a compound that is KNOWN for polygamy.

    It would make much more sense if it was the Juniper Creek police (except for the fact of how easily/quickly Albie turned everyone against the 'Prophet'). I still don't believe they'd let Staties or Feds on the property for any reason - most likely they'd delay them at a gate and have the feds pick them up there. There's just too much to lose, IMO.
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    I doubt there's exactly a choice in the matter.
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    Do we know for sure that Roman was arrested on Juniper Creek property? I thought all we saw was a dirt road. As we've seen before, the gate for their property (or at least where they set up the roadblocks) is somewhere along a dirt road, not near the entrance to a major intersection.

    So, Albie could have tipped off the police that Roman would be driving towards the compound and they could have intercepted him before the compound. Albie was there because he drove out to meet everyone.
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    True, by standard rules it should be pronounced WEE-bur, same as with fever. But then consider lever, which gets pronounced either LEE-ver or LEH-ver depending what part of the country you're from. English speakers (especially Americans) love nothing better than to play fast and loose with the rules of pronunciation. And in German, of course, it would be pronounced VAY-bur.

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