Big Brother All Stars: 7/16

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  1. Steveknj

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    But Janelle showed that she CAN be a great player without the other two, and it's possible, that she could try and distance herself from Howie/Kaysar is she sees that ship sinking.

    Regarding the Nerd Herd, while they were self righteous, the Sovereign were just plain mean and vindictive, so why is that better than what the Nerd Herd was? In fact, I've always felt Kaysar was about as self-righteous as anyone on the Nerd Herd, and not nearly as smart. Anyway, that was last year. I'm getting the feeling that Kaysar and Howie and to some extent Janelle, feel that they might be "controlling" the game and it's why they felt that they could let Will/Boogie ride another week. I just don't see the others ganging up on them like they should. I think this is why Kaysar felt he could make a deal with them as he felt that since nobody is going after them now, they could pick off the others before they do. But Kaysar isn't paying attention to Will's history of lying to people's faces. You KNOW that Will and Boogie will go after the BB6ers at the first opportunity. What I forsee is, if they get HoH...

    Chilltown making a deal with James to have him come over, then going after Janelle/Howie....

    They didn't show it, but did Janelle and Howie buy into Kaysar's strategy or did they really want to go after Chilltown?
  2. pmyers

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    Will and Howie's realtionship took an ugly turn. I agree with James when he asked if it could go back to being fun ;)
  3. hefe

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    Really. Hurricane Howie needs to dial it back a bit. Will is firing back now because Howie is so relentless, and he's smart enough to hit him where it hurts.

    I do think Howie is doing it for show, to be funny on camera, and a lot of it is. But like when he went off on April last year, it can be too much.
  4. Rkkeller

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    May 13, 2004
    Will is just tearing Howie to shreds and shutting him up. One time it looked like Howie didn't know what to say back and just shut up. I don't feel bad as Howie started all this himself.
  5. scottykempf

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    Two words: Jack Shack
  6. Deekeryu

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    Well, we'll see how this all turns out. I thought Kaysar should have nominated one of ChillTown and then one of Dianne/Nakomis to pit them against each other. Bad move Kaysar..
  7. KRS

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    At first, I thought this would be a good move - pit one side against another. But again, if you think of the aftermath, both sides would hold a grudge against Kaysar, and all he would have gained is one less houseguest.

    Really, I think he did think it through, and decided to nominate the weaker of the small alliances (the stronger being Will and Boogie). Short of nominating harmless players like Chicken George, this was his safest move.
  8. Fool Me Twice

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    Jul 6, 2004
    Only when edited for television. Will is the one getting frustrated because Howie is too stupid to know when he's outmatched and keeps up his same old schtick. Howie is relentless. Will fires 10 second salvos every other day or so.
  9. Droobiemus

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    You know how Kaysar was saying he was going to wait until he talks to a girl first before he decides if she's hot? I should've done that with Howie.

    That dude needs to think before he speaks.

    Though the Jedi thing *was* too hilarious.

    I can't believe I never watched this show before. It's really addictive.
  10. darthrsg

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    Jul 25, 2005
    post 911...
    Will is no match for Howie, non stop over the top Howie will own Will. Never underestimate the power of the Force.
  11. kdelande

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    If you think the show is addictive, check out the 24/7 (or, not quite 24/7) feeds for the 2 week trial, you'll want to watch it all the time! You don't even see 1/20th of what goes on all day with the network show.

  12. Dnamertz

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    Jan 30, 2005
    The Nerd Herd was equally mean, and started the behavior first, but on top of that they acted like they were saints.

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