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    I was wondering about this. I thought that Julie Chen had said that Mike could not nominate the HOH or the veto winner. She never explained, however, what was meant by veto winner. I think it would be ridiculous if that means both the person who wins the competition as well as the person they save. Only two possibilities seem fair to me:

    1) Once you save someone, you've used the power and you should only be safe from being nominated by the HOH at that moment when they have to name a replacement. If the coup is used, you're fair game, having relinquished the power. The fact that the HOH is also the person with the coup and can get revenge later on is besides the point.

    2) The person who won the veto comp is immune that week, but the person they removed from being nominated is once again at risk.

    To leave both of them protected makes the threat of the coup alot more valuable than the coup itself at this point in the game.
  2. bdlou21

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    Jul 10, 2006
    Personally, I think a lot of details of the CDT were left in the air until the powers that be saw how the game was going. If it would have been better for the CDT winner to be able to nominate anyone including the HOH, they would have made it that way. I won't go as far as to say this game is fixed but the producers do manipulate it for the best possible scenario.
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    backdoor=getting screwed in a really dirty way...............
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    CG won HOH Thursday and immediately put up James and Erika. I think the POV comp was held on Friday night and Saturday morning they held the veto ceremony with evictions happening that night. Then they had the HOH comp Saturday night which gave the production crew all day Sunday to edit what we saw Sunday evening.
  5. dthmj

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    Mar 12, 2002


    I just checked the archives at Jokers and Howie was evicted by 6pm Pacific time on Friday - so right at 24 hours for the whole thing to go down.
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  7. Sir_winealot

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    I hate the fact that 'Boogie' is HoH...can't stand the guy (oooh, he's the schizzle). The fact that CG listened to Boogie and changed his last minute veto nomination probably makes him think he's now safe from being put up.

    It'll be interesting to see if Boogie now 'repays' the favor ...and does put him up.

    CG and Erika would've been smart to realize their days are numbered w/CT, Danielle and James all hooked up. ...and align themselves w/Janelle and Howie, then go up against them 4 on 4.

    But CG is a confused man.

    Howie was immature ...but watching him go nose-to-nose w/Booger after throwing that GOOFY freakin' hat of his was great reality TV! I love seein' Booger get upset (he was all worked up when he was threatening CG too).
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    so if live feeds dont show evictions..did they stop after howie was voted out? obviously he wouldn't be on any shots anymore on sat/sunday
  9. Dnamertz

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Leading up to watching the show last night I had been reading a lot of the houseguests comments about Howie's reaction, and I was REALLY suprised at how tame his behavior was in comparison to their descriptions. The way they were talking, I thought he was going to be kicking and screaming and throwing a huge fit. I was shocked to see him hug most of the houseguests and then only direct his anger at the person who deserved it, Boogie (for lying to his face AND threatening George), then go out and calmly talk to Julie. He threw his hat, but then after Howie left, Boogie took something off a shelf and threw it across the room (two class acts). Both of them are immature, but I was glad to see someone stand up to Boogie. I was also suprised to see Howie actually say something smart when he told Julie that Boogie threatened George with his "power".
  10. IndyJones1023

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    Why did Howie scream "Super Bowl, baby!" when he left and then Booger did the same thing when he won HoH? Also, what did James do to a gnome that made him apologize?
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    My understanding is that in the past (when the weekend show was on Saturday) the feeds would "go to fish" (same as flames this year) from the point of Eviction (usually Friday night) until after the Saturday show aired. For most of the day, the truely die hard live feed watchers would watch the fish tank in hopes of seeing who was still in the house.

    This year, apparently CBS did not want to tick of the live feed viewers (which seem to already be upset by the number of cuts to fire) have the feeds go to fire for two days. Even though the eviction ceremony itself was not shown, the ramifications were immediately obvious.
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    Was I the only one that thought the whole "gnome" thing during HOH competition was degrading. I felt bad for those guys dressed up in stupid costumes dancing around like idiots. Did the producer really think this added to the show somehow?
  13. jradford

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    Dec 28, 2004
    I think he threw one of the pies at one of them.
  14. KRS

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    My TiVo somehow skipped from the start of the live voting until the start of the HoH contest (thunderstorms in the area). What exactly did Howie say to Boogie - does anyone care to elaborate a little on that exchange? How was Howie during the Julie interview? Did anything else happen between that and the HoH contest?

    (I know we could watch on CBS' website or torrent the show, but since we only missed 7 or 8 minutes, I'm not sure it's worth it)
  15. Rkkeller

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    May 13, 2004

    My favorite part was when Jani got smacked in the face with a pie and yelped a little. I had to watch that a couple times in a row. :up:
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    Nov 13, 2003
    The more I see the shows, the more I think Will and Jani might have the Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing going. They may have some sort of pact they set up before the game ever started. Just a thought.
  17. TR7spyder

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    Feb 28, 2006
    That is a valid point, I can see how earlier in the game it benefited Will to have Jeni around to counter Daniel, but now, it just looks suspicious...
  18. etemple

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    For whatever reason CBS has always loved Mike Boogie, even before he paired up with Will in S2 . . . they even gave him a featured extra spot in one of their sitcoms after his season, can't remember if it was raymond or a different show . . . he even proposed to his showmance girlfriend at the season finale of his show (completely stealing the spotlight from Will, imo)

    And quite honestly, I don't think he actually cares all that much if he wins or not--it's all a PR stunt for him to drum up business for dolce, geisha house and les deux cafe, his restaurants. This is good for business. Same thing happened in s2--the bar was then called Belly, and it became pretty popular for a while with the hollywood crowd, especially ex-reality players.

    And I've said it before--he and will probably have a deal that they'll split the money.
  19. KRS

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    Geisha House - really? I thought that was owned by Ashton Kutcher or somebody like that. Did Belly close down or something? You don't see him promoting that one anymore.

    I have wondered why he is allowed to wear shirts with their logos/names, but everyone else has to wear generic shirts with no product or band names or anything. Except for university team stuff, I suppose. I wonder what the rules are...
  20. kdelande

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    Dec 17, 2001
    I believe that was Howie's BB key from the slot under his picture.


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