Big Brother 22 All Stars - Thursday Eviction (OAD 9/24/2020)

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    Hard to tell what Nicole should have done with Davonne...

    On the one hand, Davonne says that she was asking Nicole "outside of gameplay" and that this was personal and that it would not have impacted Nicole's game...

    On the other hand, we've all seen someone on the block who has new information blow up the house before they depart...

    This season frustrates me because we are always "just on the cusp" of gaining some equity on the house...only to have the majority alliance take control... I was really hoping that Enzo would backdoor David...not because it was a good move, but because it would have been a bad move for the major alliance... It would have given Davonne, Kevin and Dani a fighting chance...

    Oh well... At least the Commission will be forced to start eating their own soon...
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    the triple eviction next thursday will shake things up considerably, and move the game along nicely, looking forward to some action next week! ;)
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    There's no such thing as "outside of gameplay" When you are in the house, you are playing the game. So if Nicole told her the truth, that's GOING to effect the game play. But, Nicole still played it poorly, because she HAD to realize, after discussing Ian with her "alliance" where this put her in the pecking order. She had the chance to shake up the house, and chose not to take it. Now, I don't see how she survives unless she wins and HOH followed by Dani winning one (or vice versa). Otherwise the final four is pretty much set. Enzo is the wildcard though. I have no idea what they will do with him, since he's in some other alliances outside the main one.
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