Big Brother 22 All Stars - Sunday HoH / Nomination (OAD 9/20/2020)

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    Yawn. Another week where we have a Committee member winning the HoH. Once he laid out his backdoor plan to get out David, His noms were predictable. This is the first week I feel kind of bad for David, though I think he set this up himself by trying to convince people someone took him off the block which was a terrible rookie mistake. Now nobody trusts him, even his own allies and think he didn't vote for Tyler to go. So he kind of screwed himself.

    Memphis and Christmas can both go take a hike. They are just SO smug. I will guarantee that when it's THEIR turn on the block, they are going to get SO angry, cry, scream or whatever. But they have no qualms about putting up someone else. Memphis saying to Nicole last week when she talked about trying to save Ian that her going home could be arranged, was just mean. He THINKS he's running the game. I think it's more Cody who's in the background running everything.

    I go back and forth on Dani. She SEEMS to be trying to play the game, and trying to stir up trouble, but in reality it's turning out she's really just doing the alliances dirty work and she was slapped back in her place last week. Now, she's "playing games" with those out of the alliance, which is totally a waste of time since they are going to go anyway.

    I just figure we have 3 weeks until the game starts for real and they have to eat their own. Then players like Dani and Nicole will realize how badly they screwed up by not making a move earlier, because they are at the bottom of the alliance.

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