Big Brother 17 - 9/13/2015

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  1. Donbadabon

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    Whichever of the Austwin's made it to the end, they would have 2 automatic votes from the jury. Better to just get rid of all three than to lose 2 votes right off the bat.
  2. loubob57

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    Mar 19, 2001
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    Darn good point. I wonder why Vanessa didn't think of that? I know, she's planning on playing the 'Integrity' card at the end. :p
  3. Steveknj

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    I agree with all of you on Vanessa. She's annoying, but....we've seen her over and over, time and time again, manipulate these people to do her bidding. It wouldn't shock me if she found a way to get Austin or Liz to take her to the end. I can't stand her, but you have to give her kudos. I think she knows EXACTLY what she's doing. I too would have put up Austin and Liz, but I think she knows something that we don't. I think she can now say that she stuck with her ORIGINAL alliance the whole game.
  4. MikeekiM

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    OK... I am way behind... Just saw this episode...

    Wow... While I am not a fan of Vanessa...and I think she is a head case...her strategy seems to be working...

    I am sure most of you are way ahead of me on the program... I am glad we have separate episode based threads for BB... Allows me to see what everyone is/was talking about without being exposed to spoilers...

    This is why all season threads generally don't work, and these episode threads work so well... :)
  5. brianric

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    Season threads work when there's little discussion from episode to episode in the thread. BB isn't one of them.

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