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  1. Connor

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    Oct 12, 2002


    Hey Guys, We have two Series 3 Tivos in our living room. We have a 42" 1080pHD TV in the living Room, and a Small 32" 720p in the Bed Room.. Up till this point, I've been running the 42" Direct with HDMI from each Tivo and the DVD, (I think the Wii is done straight via Component). I run the Audio Using optical from my Stereo into the TV. I Also run Composite, and Stereo from each Tivo and the Wii into a 1x4 switchbox (which can also do HDMI), then into a 5.xGhz Wireless which goes to the bedroom.. Problem is.. The wireless tends to have issues with images that have allot white in them, or a specific Red. (Had MAJOR issues with Netflix until they changed the color or something).. Anyway.. I want to hardwire the blasted thing. I have two options..

    I currently have a Rapid Run Digital cable which I got in a clearance sell for almost free. This type of cable can support HDMI. My Issue is, Tivo's only have 1 HDMI output, so, I would have to buy HDMI splitters. I've had MAJOR issues in the past when trying to run the Tivo's into some sort of pastive/active device other than the TV. (I.E. My Stereo unit). The other option is to forget my great "find" and Buy another Rapid Run which will let me do component. and wire the Tivo's up for component use. I'll then move the Wireless to my Shop, so I can watch TV out there.

    So, I guess the question is, existing HDMI Rapid Run + 2 Wall plates + Splitters, or New Analog Rapid Run Cable + 2 Wall Plates.. I'm not too sure how long it'll be before we upgrade the TV in the bedroom to something larger than 32" or better than 720p either.

    Thanks, Connor
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    Let's see if I get this right...

    You got 2 S3 Tivo in the Living room? and 1 TV in the bedroom, and 1 Tv in the living room. Now what are you trying to do?

    Do you want Tivo access on both of your TVs? Put 1 Tivo in the bedroom and 1 in the living room. You can network both Tivo to your router via wired/wireless Tivo G/n adapter and can access shows recorded on the other Tivo.
  3. Connor

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    Oct 12, 2002
    2 S3 Tivo's in the Living Room, 1 TV in bedroom, 1 Tv in living Room, and 1 TV in workshop. I want to replace the RF link to bedroom with hardwired, and reuse the wireless for the workshop. We use BOTH Tivo's in both places.. Moving a Tivo to the Bedroom really not a option, because then we would have to goto the bedroom to schedule stuff if a conflict arises on the Primary Living Room Tivo. I have a Autoswitch for the bedroom TV which will flip to the corresponding Tivo when you hit it's list button.
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    Maybe it's just possessed by demons.

    Or uses some sort of compression-decompression algorithm that's choking on it.

    What brand and model(s) of wireless equipment is this?
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    Only if the recordings allow MRV and are not copy written right? I find alot of movies I record on HBO I can not access on my other Tivo.

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