Best way to ask for discount from D*

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by wallyj, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. snoman

    snoman New Member

    May 29, 2004


    WOW! Amazing!

    I called retention and gave them the secret phrase! Not only did I get the $250 credit, but they agreed to pay my mortgage payment for the next 3 months, too!

    Thanks, Frank, for the "secret phrase." :D
  2. Frank_M

    Frank_M New Member

    Sep 9, 2001
    Shrewsbury, MA
    Don't mention it. It was the least -- the very, very least -- that I could do.

  3. Alaparos

    Alaparos New Member

    Nov 9, 2000
    This thread just saved me $250.00! Thanks guys/gals!

    I called the retention number and told them (truthfully) that I had been a customer of theirs since August 1996, was interested in HD TV, had an HD TIVO on preorder from Value Electronics and intended to sign up for their HD package when I activate it. But, I also have been seeing adverts from cable companies for their box/service and theirs comes without a $1000 price tag.

    I then said that my preference is to stay with D* since I'm used to their service and am pleased with it overall, but "$1000 is $1000." "Is there anything D* can do to help defray the cost of HD?"

    I was put on hold for about 3 minutes while should discussed the matter with her supervisor. The bottom line is I am offered $250 credit to be applied to my account when I activate the box. I told her thank you, I'd take it. She thanked ME for calling first instead of just pulling the plug! I didn't push it with regard to freebies on HBO, etc. The $250 was just fine! :)

    My thanks to all in the forum who paved the road for me.
  4. Paperboy2003

    Paperboy2003 Wasting time here

    Mar 30, 2004
    You're welcome....glad it worked out!
  5. joerod55

    joerod55 New Member

    Jun 19, 2004


    I actually received a 200.00 credit! I told them I was moving next month (which I am) and that I was considering trying VOOM. They put me on hold and first offered me 120.00. Then I told them I would think about it. Then I called the next morning, was put on hold and then offered the two hundred. I could have probably held out for more, but I am hapy with the two hundred. Now I combine that with the 500.00 I sold my Sony HD300 for and that means I am out 300.00 for the HD TIVO-not too shabby...Joe
  6. JamesJ5223

    JamesJ5223 New Member

    May 14, 2004
    Des Moines, IA
    I snagged a returned HR10-250 from a local BB and activated it last week. I didn't think to try the D* credit prior to activating. I sent an e-mail over the weekend asking for a credit -- they called and left the "customer retention" number on my answering machine 800-824-9081. They gave me $150 w/o any bickering. Probably could have done a little better, but since I'd already activated my account I didn't have a lot of leverage.

  7. hoosierdog

    hoosierdog New Member

    Dec 10, 2002
    I read the ENTIRE 32-page thread on this topic today (I should get an award...whew!). Always do my research before jumping in to maximize my $$. Was especially nervous as people kept reporting they take notes of each call (yup)...didn't want to insert foot, bite down hard and screw things up...

    We've subscribed for only 18 months to D*, so I was concerned about the <2 years issue. We have TC plus locals & HBO, after having Premier for the first six months (free w/the $20/mo off deal back then -- my only other call to D* for these deals). We have an excellent billing history with them.

    After going through ALL of these posts, and keeping track of things, I found that there wasn't ONE post of a <2 year subscriber without Premier+ who got a total "deal" greater than $300. That wasn't going to stop me from trying, however. ;)

    I started out very simple and easy, and escalated as far as I could go, when I was not getting treated like "hundreds of other D* customers." It was VERY clear at the end that it was because I wasn't spending enough and (even more important, I think) that I hadn't been with them long enough. It was absolutely pathetic that they didn't come out and SAY that, however. (Why would anyone think poorly of them for doing either of those?!!) CSR kept telling me she obviously values me as a customer for giving me these credits; I keep telling her she obviously doesn't value me AS MUCH AS other customers by not giving me the SAME credits.

    I brought up the $99 offer (which I didn't partake in since I figured they would give me something similar to that $300 when the HD TiVos showed up, I said). Asked if they were selling the HD TiVo 'cause "I'd sure like to buy it from you guys if you'll give me a deal." I brought up Voom. Can't really bring up cable, as in my city, you're required to pay for basic (long story) if you live here.

    After two phone calls to Retention dept., and the second one asking for a supervisor, I ended up this way:

    Call #1: $5/mo credit & HBO for $2/mo, both for 6 months. Later in call, added $100 upfront credit (no mention of activation). Total "value": $190

    Call #2: $200 credit, $5/mo for 6, but said no HBO unless I wanted to go back to $100 instead of $200 (ha!). Total "value": $230. Requested supervisor, very stuck on $200, did add HBO back on. Total "value": $290.

    I still told them I'd think about it. ;) They said it would be documented and ready for me if I decided to take it. Going to try to add Showtime tomorrow (since it's value is worthless to me, I didn't think about it, but hubby wants another HD channel). Gotta ask about the HD package (even though it seems exhorbitant and posters said the CSR's "can't touch" me some leverage). Okay, I admit I enjoy the hunt!

    Also going to request waivers for "distant locals" as that sounds like a great idea. Feel free to tell me I'm crazy if you're also in SoFla and were denied due to our big market here.

    Thanks for all the postings. Can't wait to open up the box downstairs -- just waiting on a TV to be delivered. Another long story, and agony to see a TiVo box...gasp...unopened!
  8. hoosierdog

    hoosierdog New Member

    Dec 10, 2002
    Why wait 'til tomorrow? Just called again after posting.

    Talked to VERY nice CSR (Joshua, I think it was) whose first response was, "Did you read about this on the tivocommunity forum?" :) He said he'd gotten tons of calls about it. He told me I had an awesome deal considering I haven't been with them for very long. I told him of my concerns that rewarding long-time, high-monthly-payment, pay-on-time customers shouldn't be an embarrassment and should be told to people calling in. He kept saying it was a case by case basis, but agreed that it was those three factors involved.

    Get this... He asked me to PLEASE post on the forum about my deal to make his job easier. I said I didn't think it would make much difference because I'd already had one rep today tell me that I couldn't believe everything I read on the Internet, hoax, yada yada.. Stressed the need to have consistency throughout the CSRs.

    Of course the irony is that consistency would tend to give the loudest of us (we squeaky wheels getting the grease) lower credits. People who called once might have been satisfied with the $5/mo and $10/mo off HBO I got initially...that obviously saves D* major bucks.

    In my best Yoda voice...Use the Squeak, Luke...use the Squeak...

    BTW, also got the waiver request started for the East/West coast feeds. Sounds like a great deal for $4.50 a month if I get any of the channels.

    Thanks again, you guys! :cool:
  9. Bill Broderick

    Bill Broderick New Member

    May 5, 2004
    I would call them and tell them that you are interested in becoming an HD customer with them. Tell them that you see that they currently have a good offer for activating with an HD receiver, but you are interested in activating with them as an HD Tivo customer. Tell them that the HD Tivo is the reason why you are switching from E*.

    Although they don't currently have any special deals on the HD Tivo, nor are they selling them directly yet), you might be able to work it out where they sign you up as an SD customer for free, including installation (a normal deal) and put something on your account to give you a credit when you activate the HD Tivo.

    Negotiating with them before becoming a new customer will be the only time that you will have any leverage in the next year. Once you sign up with them, you will have a 1 year committment. They have no reason to try to do anything for you at that point.

    Your other option is to wait a month or two. I have to believe that, as soon as there is an adequate supply of HD Tivo's available, D* will have some kind of promotion involving them.
  10. Flakker

    Flakker New Member

    Jan 26, 2004
    Dover, NH
    I just told them the truth. I told a woman from retention that I had a new, unactivated hdtivo sitting in my a/v rack. I told her that I needed it activated and that I heard from this forum that some customers were getting credits by calling the retention department and asking for one. I told her that I would appreciate getting one to offset the cost of my hdtivo. The woman I spoke to immediately offered me $150 and told me it was for having an account in good standing, etc. She then activated my hdtivo for me and I was done. Pretty painless.

    A friend of mine tried that approach, as well. He had already activated his hdtivo a couple of days prior to calling and was offered $250. No hassles. Both of us have been customers for a little over two years and previously had only Total Choice Plus with locals.

    It's definitely worth making the call, I'm glad I did.
  11. okleydokley

    okleydokley TiVo Vista Premium

    May 15, 2002
    Thank you all for your info.. I would not have even thought to do any of this without your postings.

    Just to add my story to the mix. I actually found a HD-Tivo at BB for sale so I grabbed it up while I could (got free dish with it). I called and said I had bought the new unit, but my wife said it was too expensive (truth) and I had to take it back. I said that if I could get a break on my account she would let me keep it..

    He offered me $150. I said that I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I was hoping for more. He put me on hold and came back with $150 plus HBO and Showtime for 6 month for $2 per month ($126 value). I then brought up that I would need a multi-switch and installation which he offered for free. And somewhere in there he bumped the credit up to $200. Total deal $200 + HBO/SHO $126 + Install $99 + Multi $50 = about $475.
  12. Morris Herman

    Morris Herman Mac user since 84!

    Feb 24, 2003
    I have DTV for less than two months. Got $100 discount for HD Tivo after getting a supervisor at CSR.
  13. pacbellguy

    pacbellguy New Member

    Jan 26, 2004
    Antioch, CA
    My experience went quite well. I let my account speak for it self. 10 years this October as subcriber, bills over $75 and never have been disconnect for non payment.

    She asked me what I wanted. I said "Just what I've heard everyone else getting. $250 credit and 6 months free Showtime" "Done" she said without any hesitation.

    I didn't even have to wait to activate any equipment. It sounded like it was given strictly as a type of customer appreciation thing.


  14. marcello696

    marcello696 New Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    Temecula, CA
    I got a $150 credit with retention as well. Just told the guy about this forum and he gave it to me no questions asked. He even wanted to know how I liked the HDTivo as he was getting one as well.
  15. kcmurphy88

    kcmurphy88 New Member

    Jul 5, 2003
    Los Angeles
    That wasn't true in my case. I've been a subscriber since day one (1994). I called and asked to talk to the retention department. Once there I explained that I was about to get an HD TiVo, that I'd been a subscriber since forever, and that I'd NEVER received a single discount on any equipment (my first D* receiver cost $800), I did all my own installation, and I had a sizable monthly bill. And that I wanted a hefty discount on this purchase. They gave me about $350 off. Didn't have to threaten anything (nor would it have been creditable) -- the honest truth sometimes works quite well.

    But you DO have to go to the Retention Department -- Customer Service hasn't the authority to issue credits of any real size.
  16. dbears

    dbears New Member

    Nov 14, 2003
    My wife is in California now and I called her and asked her if she'd mind picking up the HDTivo in Costa Mesa, about an hour away from where she's staying. Surprising she agreed and bought it yesterday. I just called the retention department and mentioned that I'd be a customer since 1995 and had been looking at Voom but would certainly prefer to stay with D*. They offered $20 credit for the next 6 months and $150 credit immediately. That's $270. Not as good as some of you guys but still pretty good.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Mike (Da Bears)
  17. omar

    omar New Member

    May 20, 2004
    Just got off the phone and told them I was a returning customer after 1 year off. Received $150 credit, $20 off programming for next 6months, Free locals for 6 months, and $50 off NFL Sunday Ticket. That's a total of $350 value.
  18. ELMEL

    ELMEL New Member

    Jul 10, 2004
    San Ramon, CA
    I just called. They say they're not offering credits anymore because so many people were reading about it on the Internet and they couldn't afford to keep doing it. I did, however, get the following deal for six months: $5 off TotalChoice, $10 off HBO, and free ShowTime. They're also sending me a free series one DirecTiVo. I guess I can't complain; it's found money.
  19. iandrysdale

    iandrysdale New Member

    Jan 9, 2004
    FYI, just called, a two to three minute conversation-

    "Hi, I want to stay with DirecTV, but Comcast is offering a much better HDTV deal. $1000 is steep. Is there anything that you can do?"

    "One minute, Sir." I can offer you $100 + 6 months reduction of $8.00."

    SOLD. I didn't push it, want to install the CC unit in five minutes. I'm sure I could have pushed it and got more, but this was easy and very, very fast.

  20. jbrunken

    jbrunken New Member

    Jul 10, 2004
    I just called to try and get a discount and they were very abrupt and (despite my arguing about being a customer for a long time) they wouldn't budge at all and basically offered me nothing.

    There excuse was that they don't give discounts for units bought from retailers...

    The best I could do is their "2 for 2" deal. This is making me seriously think about returning my box rather than activating it... I guess I'll make that decision once it actually arrives.



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