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    Aug 13, 2011


    Waaaaay back in the day I bought a Stand Alone TiVo with $99 lifetime subscription. Not too long after that the modem died and I ended up moving to DTV with TiVo. Chugging along I ended up with 3 dual tuner DirecTivo units (non-HD) and 1 DirecTv DVR unit. We HATED the DirecTV UI... HATED it.

    April of last year I put the DTV account on hold while we moved. Long story short, the house we were building fell through and I was forced to cancel my DTV account. Well, my house is finally finished and we will be moving in early next month.

    Now I don't know what my best options are. I have a room that is wired for 7.1 but have not pulled the trigger on the HD Projector yet. That's the only room I care about having HD in. I want to have DVR access in 5 rooms. So, it makes sense to go back to DTV and use the units I had before.

    But, and it's a big but, does the DirecTV HD UI suck as bad as the older non-HD UI? I can't imagine that anything is as good as my old TiVo UI, but it seems that DirecTivo HD is vaporware.

    My house is wired with CAT5e and RG6 to every room. What would you do if you had my equipment? Is my lifetime TiVo dead because I cancelled my DTV account?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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