Best non Tivo PVR in UK?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by moomin, Jul 8, 2005.

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    May 22, 2005


    I believe setting from Digiguide over the network using a modifed Linksys router works, although I personally haven't tried it.

    I have networked my Toppy using a modified Asus wireless router but I use that to copy TAP's, MP3's and recordings, not for Digiguide. I use my TiVo as my main pvr, and programme the Toppy manually if I have conflicts.
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    I've just bought a Toppy after going through 2 Digifusion FVRT's in 2 weeks, both hung, didn't record and were generally rubbish. The topfield seems really good. The interface is a bit complicated and isn't as intuative as the TiVo, but there are regular firmware updates that seem to have fixed all the major bugs. I was going to install a load of taps after reading forums, but everything seems to be fixed already.

    Out the box you have to record by time/channel which is a slightly surreal experience after having a TiVo for 3/4 years. But you do get to see what is actually on telly these days, I just record everything by title on the tivo so I've no idea what the schedules are.

    No season passes obviously, but you can do repeat recordings which generally covers most programs.The one thing I will try is JAG's EPG which gives the search by title feature .

    The picture quality is excellent, the TiVo even with bit 0 mode noticably degrades the picture and makes things too bright. Having said that I still use the TiVo downstairs on the plasma and the toppy in the spare room.

    Also the toppy costs £250 for 160GB, my tivo cost £150 3/4 years ago + 200 for a sub. I think the toppy's great, definately the best of new breed PVR's but the TiVo is still king.
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    Off topic I know but next time you need to call an 0845/0870 number try this site......

    Oops, just posted this and scrolled up to see exactly the same advice..............!

    Great minds !

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