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  1. saunsaun

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    Nov 10, 2019
    Okay, I am going to buy the recommended powered splitter and put it in the new outside cable box. I am going to plug the basement coax cable into the "out 1/power in" port. Inside the basement, I will attach the power inserter into the coax wall port. From the power inserter, I will connect a coax cable to the ac adapter and plug it into a power outlet. I will also plug the new WCB6200Q into the RF out port and connect the mini to the WCB router. Sound right?

    Attached is my drawing.

    1.What splitter should I put in the Attic? Should it be the existing powered one? We are going to add a mini to one of the 2nd floor bedrooms. Should I not cable the 2nd floor bedroom that doesn't currently have a device, or can I just terminate it at the wall or splitter?
    2. How do I confirm whether the device already in the outside cable box is a POE filter (see attached photo) and if it is, should I remove it when I connect the new powered splitter?
    3. Is the 2way splitter that I put in the office last night the correct kind? (See attached photo.)
    4. The recommended Actiontec WCB6200Q device is $150. Is that the best option for basement wifi combined with the mini?

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  2. jmbach

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    Jan 1, 2009
    -Any markings on that connector you think may be a POE filter?

    -The splitter in your office is the correct one.

    I do have concerns about your network setup. Especially the number of splitters between the cable modem and the cableco as well as potential interference from having MoCa on the same system.
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  3. saunsaun

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    Nov 10, 2019
    I'll take a closer look to see if I can find markings later this afternoon.
    As I understood it, I can't move the modem to the basement without the expensive mesh solution? Actually, why can't I put the modem in the basement instead of the office with this new config I am doing?
    My thought is that I could always return the Actiontec device and move to something else/mesh if this solution doesn't fix my issues.
  4. fyodor

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    Sep 19, 2006
    You can put the modem/router in the basement, but it may mean that you don't get good wifi on upper floors. In such a situation you'd probably want a wireless access point connected via MoCa on the upper floors. I think it probably makes more sense to keep the Cable modem and router where they are, since I assume that your wifi needs in the basement will be less demanding and you can get away with an 802.11n access point.
  5. saunsaun

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    Nov 10, 2019
    just wanted to give an update: I don't understand it, but in the last two days I am suddenly able to see my 2.4 and 5ghz networks in the basement. I'm getting speeds of 35 to 60 Mbps down there. I have made no changes except for connecting my office mini directly to the router via Ethernet and replacing the office 3 Port splitter with a MoCA 2 port splitter. of course this happened after I ordered the access point which should get here today. I am seeing no need for it now though. I am still going to call Comcast out about the numbers on the cable modem. I am getting -6.92 to -9.9dBmV downstream power and 47 to 49dBmV upstream power. We are also having streaming issues with Amazon on the main floor mini.

    Thank you all so much for your deep analysis of my environment. You really helped me to understand things better. I'll post an update when there is something further.
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